Saturday, April 28, 2007

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is from the makers of Call of Duty 2. What? You didn't know that COD3 used different developers? Well, sit back and brace yourselves.

Welcome to the next big thing.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Halo 3

Check out this informative analysis of the Halo 3 Beta Leaked Video. It really sheds some light on a few of the new features and speculation on some of the weapons, hud, etc.. Man I can not wait till May 16th. Looks like I might need to take a vacation day!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Click this Link

Having trouble getting the 2 new maps for Halo 2!

Click the above link to witness first hand what is really going on when you call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

Now click Play Movie!

Video evidence is now revealed.


Two Worlds Video

C&C3 DEMO waging war on XBL

Sample of EA's latest real-time strategy for the Xbox 360 now on Marketplace; 1GB file hindered by slow downloads.
By Tim Surette, GameSpot
Posted Apr 20, 2007 12:53 pm PT

Last week, Electronic Arts revealed what many gamers were anticipating--a demo of the Xbox 360 edition of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars was in the works. Today, the publisher pulled the curtain back on the demo and released it to the public over Xbox Live Marketplace.

The file weighs in at 1GB, which apparently has clogged some Internet pipes and made downloading fairly sluggish. On his blog, Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb, better known in the gaming community as Major Nelson, confirms that some users have experienced slow download times. However, since the demo went up, Microsoft has been at work alleviating the problem, and Hryb suggests that those users who are encountering slow transfer speeds restart the download.

Though EA hasn't come forward to explain what is in the demo, message board users have. The file allegedly features a pair of single-player missions, a tutorial, and Xbox Live multiplayer support.

The Xbox 360 version of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars is scheduled for release on May 10, is rated T for Teen, and will retail for $59.99. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

Mass Effect delayed until September?

What we heard: There's little question that Mass Effect is among the most anticipated role-playing games of the year. The Xbox 360-exclusive title is the first sci-fi game from legendary Canadian BioWare since its celebrated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (KOTOR II was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.)

Though totally Jedi-free, the reportedly 40-hour-long outer space adventure has a party-based combat system and Forcelike powers, similar to KOTOR. Its aesthetic is reminiscent of the classic pen-and-paper RPG Star Frontiers, and its homicidal machine-race storyline is a cross between author Fred Saberhagen's Berserker novels and the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica. In other words, it's nerd catnip.

Given its various elements and detailed next-gen graphics, Mass Effect has had gaming sci-fi fans salivating since it was first announced in 2005. That enthusiasm reached a crescendo in February, when the Australian edition of the official Xbox Web site listed the game as shipping on May 18. Though the listing was quickly pulled down, the general assumption has been that BioWare would try to replicate KOTOR's success by releasing the game months before the annual fall release avalanche.

Unfortunately, today came signs that Mass Effect may be cooling its jets until late in the year. A report on Computer & Video Games claims that during a Microsoft event in the UK today, word emerged that the RPG won't be released until September. This date was further backed up by the Mass Effect product page on, which now has the game shipping on September 3.

The official story: Mass Effect publisher Microsoft Games Studios' response was swift...and not particularly helpful. "We have not made any official announcements regarding release timing for Mass Effect," a rep said. "At this time, any information about the game's release date is purely rumor and speculation."

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that it's been delayed, since it technically never had an official release date. However, the listing indicates a September release is now likely.

Tom Clancy wages EndWar

Earlier this month, Ubisoft launched a Web site teasing what apparently is a new member of the Tom Clancy family of games. The Flash site spouted interesting snippets of audio, detailing what appeared to be war on a massive scale spread across the globe.

There were also mentions of Ghosts and Splinter Cells, prompting some to think the project was an extension of the Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell franchises and others to think it was an all-new property that would possibly tie in all the Tom Clancy games.

Now it appears as though the latter group can pat itself on the back. Ubisoft today revealed Tom Clancy's EndWar, a new game currently in production at Ubisoft Shanghai. EndWar marks new ground for the Tom Clancy titles. It will be a strategy game set during World War III--likely the same war that has been set up by the plots of Splinter Cell Double Agent, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and Rainbow Six Vegas.

As for what kind of strategy game--turn-based, real time, or other--it's still unknown. However, gamers can expect to be in control of large armies and take their battle plans online, possibly in massively multiplayer combat, according to Serge Hascoet, chief creative officer at Ubisoft.

"A strategy game like no other, EndWar will allow gamers to lead their own armies against hundreds of others online in real global locations on the massive battlefields of World War III," said Hascoet (emphasis added).

EndWar is currently in the works for "next-generation consoles" and will be released sometime during Ubisoft's current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2008. GameSpot will have more details on EndWar next month.

I am not a big fan of Tom Clancy games just because I played them a lot back on the original X BOX. However this might get me back into it with the online capabilities. Especially since our clan keeps growing.

What do yall think?

Halo 2 Map Pack Problems: Round Three with Xbox Live Customer Support

1-800-4MY-XBOX my tail. Spent another frustrating evening attempting download the vaunted Blastacular Map Pack. Apparently they've developed a Standard Operating Procedure for fixing the problem. Through the unintelligle Indian accent I discerned the caveat: "This still my not solve your problem." Great. Apparently the following procedure, according to tech support, was able to solve the problem:

1. Remove Halo 2 disc from tray.

2. Under setting, go to memory and select the hard drive. From here, clear the HDD cache. (There's a secret code that allows you to access the HDD maintenance and clear the cache)

3. Turn of the 360.

4. Unplug the router.

5. Unplug the modem.

6. Listen to pleasant customer support music for five minutes.

7. Plug all stuff back in.

8. Power on, insert Halo 2 in tray.

9. After the game boots up, log into XBL and attempt to download additional content.

10. Watch yet another attempt to download the map fail, over and over again.

11. Beg for a refund only to get denied in some difficult to understand Indian dialect.

Only after the techie and I went round and round on the topic of a refund did she tell me that it was a server problem and that Microsoft and Bungie were in talks over issuing a fix. "Negotiating" was the actual word she used. Great, they're finger pointing while I'm watching all my friends play Halo 2. Screw it, I'm going back to R6LV, at least their premium content works.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One week down and still no Halo 2 Craptacular Map Pack Fix!

Click on the above link to read all the love given to Microsoft vaunted fanboy, Major Nelson. Calls to 1-800-4MY-XBOX have resulted in the same, tired attempts to fix the problem as detailed below in my entry from last week. The result is the same, "the problem is on our end." "When is the fix?" We're working on it." I love how they say their working on it only after they take out money. Word to Microsoft, charge the credit card AFTER the transaction completes, not before.

Now a lot of people on the web are calling for class action lawsuits. To you all I say this: It's only 4 freaking dollars. Get a life or a better job that pays more. Here's how class action works. Bunch of gamers get pissed and higher lawyer. Lawyers gather together more gamers from all over and file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft. Microsoft settles class action lawsuit by giving one free download from the Marketplace while the lawyers pocket $30 million.

Personally, I'd just like a press release telling us the story.

Microsoft: "Guys we know about a third of you can't download the maps, we're working on a solution."

Us: "Cool. You guys pwn. Git-r done"

Halo 3 beta leak: Zanzibar remake:Last Resort

Finally, a decent look at the upcoming Halo 3 multiplayer. Frankly, although it looks pretty cool, we won't really know how good it looks until we get some 720p HD video. Until then it doesn't look terribly different from Halo 2. Hopefully the single player campaign will kick ass.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Halo 2 Fix for Map Pack Enable Premium Purchases problem

Yes, Houston, we have a problem. It's acknowledged by Microsoft and Bungie and there isn't yet a solid way to fix it. According to XBL tech support the powers that be are working on it but who knows when a fix will come. Apparently the problem affects Xbox 360s where the primary account was recovered from an Xbox. Sometimes, whether a credit card was linked and purchases authorized or not, the Halo 2 software is just not getting the clue.

Below is what an upper echelon techie and I figure out late last night to get the 'Premium Puchases' enable:

1. Log out of Xbox Live.

2. Create a new Silver account. You'll have to go through the entire process of logging into XBL and setting up a new Windows Live account using a different email address than your primary. When selecting your membership, choose Silver. If you hadn't used them up already, XBL will offer you up one of your four One Month Gold trial memberships. Take it. Once you've gone through the entire process. Log in with your 'dummy' account.

3. Go to the Marketplace. Go to Account Management: Memberships: Free Trial (abbreviated): Change Payment Options: Add Credit Card. Input the data for you good ole' debt builder and subsequent back out. By inputing the credit card your 'dummy' with the free trial can now make purchases.

4. As the 'dummy' enter Halo 2 and sign into XBL, make sure you sign in with the Dummy and not your regular account. (I accidently 'crossed the streams' by selecting my normal gamertag during the process and weird things happened.)

5. Go to the Content Download and with your dummy you should now no longer be plagued by the 'premium content' bug. Now you just have to deal with the crappy servers and all the other problems that are apparently plagueing the Blastacular map pack.

There are some other fixes out there floating around that focus on 360s with restricted child XBL accounts. This fix will not work for them and their fix will not work for us. Good luck.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gamestop Xbox 360 Trade In Values

Shade, you might want to consider this: If you trade your premium in for an Elite, you get $200 credit. That leave you with $279 left to spend on an elite. Between paying $140 on a repair and another $280 on the new box, suddenly, that trade in doesn't look so bad. Check your local Gamestop for details. The question is, can you get your running long enough to trade in? From the Planet Xbox blog:

Gamestop Xbox 360 Trade-in Detailsby Matt Gibbs Following up on our post yesterday in regards to comments made by an apparent EB Games manager on the trade-in values of a Xbox 360 for an Elite, we have more facts and figures, this time from Gamestop.

Xbox360Fanboy have confirmed with several different Gamestop managers that the trade-in values for the two different Xbox 360 versions has increased - you will now get $250 for a Premium and $200 for a Core, with the original Xbox getting you $50. These amounts are the same as what we heard from the mystery EB Games manager yesterday except there you will apparently get $90 for an Xbox.

This leaves the amount you still need to pay after trading in at $229.99 if you give them a Premium, and $279.99 if you hand over a Core. The managers also noted that the trade-in amounts do not have to be spent on the Xbox 360 Elite.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Major Payne - Little Engine That Could

KicknWing, Army, and I lthought this movie was hilarious and must have watched it a thousand times! This click is my favorite part in the movie besides the scene where major payne dances with the actress who played Hilary on the "Fresh Prince of Belair". Enjoy.

Which One is Your's? The One With BMF On IT.

Here's a clip Im sure we all can enjoy, espesially Army.

And guess what Army, for only 25 bucks, you can finally be just like Samuel L. Just go to

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

IGN Team Fortress 2 Interview

Here's a few reasons while I'm getting real excited about this game:
1. It's from the Half Life guys.
2. The Xbox 360 version's network code is apparently so far along that PC and Xbox 360s were actually playing together online during a LAN session.
3. All versions of Team Fortress 2 will ship with six maps and feature nine selectable classes.
4. Each map features one game mode, from Capture the Flag on 2Fort to varieties of control point capture on the other five.
5. Simultaneous platfrom releases (PC, 360)
6. As with any Valve product, you're guaranteed stuff will come out. We have people working here on content already that will ship afterwards. (more maps, game types, weapons)
7. 16 players per game.
8. Theme based scenarios.
9. Morphing maps (each time you play the map, something changes)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Halo 3 'Is Quisnam Protero Damno!' doc

Halo 3 Beta Dated

Bungie's highly anticipated Xbox 360 title will be open for testing worldwide on May 16.
By Emma Boyes, GameSpot UK
Posted Apr 10, 2007 4:58 am PT

For those lucky gamers who managed to nab themselves a Halo 3 beta key over the last couple of months, the wait is almost over to test drive the new first-person shooter. The multiplayer beta will be going live on May 16 on Xbox Live globally, Microsoft announced today.

The announcement also scotched rumours that there would be two different beta start dates for those who had got their beta keys either through the Rule of Three promotion, or through purchasing a specially marked copy of Crackdown. Access to the beta will be rolled out simultaneously worldwide at 1.p.m. GMT (5.a.m. PDT) on May 16, and will end on June 7 at 7:59 a.m. GMT (June 6 at PDT).

There will be three maps available to play, Snowbound, High Ground, and Valhalla, which will "represent a mixture of large- and medium-scale combat environments." New vehicles will include the nimble Mongoose all-terrain vehicle, and new weapons will be available, such as the "new and improved" Assault Rifle, the Brute Spiker, the Spartan Laser, and Spike Grenades.

Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Shane Kim commented, "Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 changed the face of console gaming forever. Gamers from around the world have logged more than 800 million hours on Xbox Live playing Halo 2, and years after its launch it remains the number one title on our Xbox Live network. Bringing an early look at the multiplayer elements of Halo 3 to our passionate fan base is tremendously exciting for us."

Those who have not yet got a beta key can still sign up by buying a copy of Xbox 360 game Crackdown, the release said.

There will also be a behind-the-scenes documentary video, set in Bungie Studios, available for download from Xbox Live from today. Entitled Is Quisnam Protero Damno!, it will feature insights into the creators, technology and production process of the new game.

My Gears Update Notes

I posted the following to Epic on the Gears forum regarding my experiences last night with the updates and new game type, Annex:

Last night our same group of 8 guys wore out Annex for a couple of hours and discovered two issues:

1. Players with historically solid connections were suddenly experiencing noticeable and consistent lag. We switched host several times and the problem seemed very persistent. Only the two players with the fastest connection played without experiencing lag.

2. Roadie Run is Ruined. Everyone complained about this all night, even the players that had no knowledge that a fix was in the update. Players were constantly sticking to everything the character brushed against, rendering it darn near impossible to smoothly transition across the maps. Very annoying.


1. Annex. Everyone loved it, well, except the guys that seemed to randomly end up on the losing team 3 or 4 times in a row.

2. Boomshot. Big improvements with the splash damage. Everyone is satisfied with the changes. It has now become more important than the sniper rifle.

Follow the link in the title and leave your own feedback. Epic is usually pretty good about patrolling this particular thread and reacting to issues. It won't get fixed if no one shares their experiences.

Monday, April 9, 2007

It's Official; Gears to be Updated 4/9/07

From MajorNelson's Blog - Microsoft Live Employee

Gears of War Auto Update

Later today, a Gears of War auto update is going to be available. I am not sure of the exact time, but here are some of the details of what the AU contains:

In Annex, gamers seize victory by keeping control over key map locations, or objectives, long enough to collect a winning number of points. Every map contains two to five identified objectives available for capture, with one objective active at a time. Objectives are based on map weapon-spawn locations and have a potential value of 60 points toward either team's score. Teams collect those points by maintaining ownership of an objective until all 60 points have been distributed. Every second that a team controls an objective, the team gets one point. When an objective falls to zero points, the next objective is selected at random.

And while defending their objectives against the onslaught of Xbox LIVE opponents, gamers may notice the following minor adjustments to "Gears of War":

* VGA Cable Support: Monitor resolution widths greater than or equal to 1280 now render as letterbox. In particular VGA users running at 1280x1024 will now see the game in full 720p (1280x720) resolution in letterboxed form.
* Adjusted Assassination Multiplayer Gametype: Leader no longer has to unlock weapons and now has to be executed to die.
* Adjusted Boomshot: Splash damage to be more effective rendering targets down-but-not-out
* Adjusted Hammer of Dawn: Aiming will be more forgiving of moving targets
* Adjusted Roadie Run: Reduced frequency of accidently grabbing cover while running
* Kill Message Ticker: Ticker can now be seen while down-but-not-out and spectating
* General: Addressed a number of possible exploits in multiplayer

Hit for further details.

Again: I don’t know the exact time the AU will be released, but I’ll try to post a comment (or get e to do so) when it does go Live.

Edit: Remember, this is a rolling release. That means that it will take a few hours for everyone to get the prompt once we start rolling it out.


Live Update this May - Details in Video

Found this video on Click the heading.

If you don't want to watch the walk thru of some of the new features in the May 7th live update here are the major items I found interesting:

1. You can link your MSN Messenger with your live gamertag and send recieve text messages with those friends you have that are online with Messenger. They also mentioned a keyboard that will be coming out - USB.

2. You will be able to put your xbox 360 into a low power mode for those times that you are downloading for example an HD movie and wanted to leave the room or turn off your system. Now it just goes into a low power mode and will still download content without having to keep your 360 up and running. Gobbling up precious electricity.

3. I thought this next one was really cool. Whenever you have a new Achievement Unlocked instead of getting the generic pop up, it will now tell you the name of the achievement and also how many points you received. Too cool.

4. They also mentioned that the Halo 3 Beta was likely to launch in May or June!!! Oh I can't wait!!

Hope you found this information useful. Other items were mentioned but they did not really mean a lot to me so I did not include them.

See you tonight on GEARS!

Poll Question for 2Old2Pwn Members

Are you purchasing the 2 new Halo 2 maps from Live?
No free polls

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Humps- Alanis Morissette???

I found this pretty odd, thought you might get a kick out of it.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


For all of you media hogs out there, here is a software that you might look at for your home computer for the XBOX 360.

What is the TVersity Media Server?

The TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as we call it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG). It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go, overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime and from any device.Only with TVersity this screen will show Podcasts in addition to your saved playlists, making it possible to enjoy your favorite podcasts via the Xbox 360.Only with TVersity this screen will show Internet photo feeds in addition to local photo folders, making it possible to enjoy feeds from Flickr and other photo sharing websites via the Xbox 360.The Xbox 360 automatically detects TVersity.Only with TVersity the video screen will show Internet videos in addition to local video files, this includes videos enclosed in RSS feeds, live streaming videos and more. You will also be able to play Divx/Xvid, MPEG4, H.264, Matroska and many other file formats.The Xbox 360 can play live Internet video streams coming from TVersity (no other media server can do that).
Here is the link to there FAQ and supported devices:

Check it out!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Guess How Many Days Until the New Halo Multiplayer Maps Are Released?

Microsoft and Bungie announced on March 30, 2007 they will be releasing two new multiplayer maps for Halo 2...that's right just 14 days to go!

Both maps will be available on April 17th via the game itself and will cost $4 for the pair. The maps are called Tombstone and Desolation...they are remakes of Hang'Em High and Derelict.

Here is a screenshot of the old Hang'Em High.

"Tombstone is a cool 90% remake of Hang ‘Em High"

Here's a picture of what to expect:

Click here for more detailed info on Halo 2 multiplayer maps directly from Bungie News.

Multiplayer Solutions

After looking to see what games are coming out in the near future that will incorporate multi player that is large enough to incorporate all of our friends. I have found one game that does not have a release date on it yet, but looks pretty interesting. For those who may have not kept up with this game, it is Huxley. Huxley is a FPS MMO.

The game will take place on a futuristic Earth split between two factions, the sapiens (the futuristic version of humans) and the alternatives, both of which face threats from hybrids (monstrous crossbreeds between the two races). You'll play as a futuristic soldier belonging to either the sapiens or alternatives factions and will win victories for your nation in real-time first-person shooter battles.

In the game, you'll play as one of three character types, or "battle styles": the enforcer, the game's heavily armored, close-range profession; the avenger, the game's medium-armor assault class; or the phantom, the lightly armored sniper-and-scout class. These professions will determine which types of armor and weapons you can use from Huxley's nine different weapon classes, which will include machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, as well as more esoteric weapon classes like the ballistic "flinger" and the energy-based optical rifle. Producer Kijong Kim suggests that the action in the game will be a bit closer to the arcade-style action of the Quake series than the methodical pacing of the team-based Counter-Strike, though Huxley will have elements of both games.

To go with all those weapons and armor pieces, Huxley will use a paper-doll inventory system that shows which piece of armor is equipped on which body part on your character. In addition, each armor piece your character finds or buys can be slotted with an upgrade that grants an additional skill to your character. The game will apparently have more than 100 skills at launch; these skills represent the kind of powerful advantages you'd expect to pick up as a bonus item in a competitive first-person shooter, such as the ability to sprint quickly, to cloak yourself by turning invisible, to double-jump, to tackle enemies with a melee attack, and some unusual skills, such as becoming immune to headshots (highly damaging, direct weapon hits to your character's noggin) and automatically detonating your corpse as a blinding flash grenade when you fall in battle. Therefore, the game will have a strategic element as you swap different skill-infused armor slots into your character's inventory to prepare for different battles in which, depending on the situation, you may need to be stronger, faster, or sneakier than your adversaries.

While you'll likely start your life in a safe city, which is also where the game's weapon and item crafting will take place, you'll eventually find yourself on a battlefield, duking it out against computer-controlled hybrid monsters or players from the opposing faction. Currently, the game is planned to launch with two major cities (one for each faction) and eight smaller cities, along with about 80 battlefields, each of which can house up to 200 players at once. We were shown numerous concept-art images that depict battlefields based on ruined real-world locations, such as waterlogged harbors and half-destroyed skyscraper complexes. We also had a chance to see a prototype battlefield in action, which resembled a craggy series of foothills at night, crawling with sharp-toothed, multi-eyed hybrids.

For much of the game, you'll spend your time either fighting actively in competitive battles or performing the game's many quests, which will take the form of story-based tasks, field quests, and large-scale "raid" quests with large groups of other players. The developers at Webzen plan to encourage players to play together by letting them form small squads of up to four players each, larger platoons with five squads each, and finally, companies, which include five platoons (with a total of up to 100 players in each).

Groups will also be able to fight battles on the game's battlefields, either in traditional shooter modes such as freeform deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag, as well as the game's radar domination and part pickup modes. Radar domination requires two opposing teams to try to capture and hold various radar towers throughout the map by holding the area nearby, similar to the Battlefield series' conquest mode. Part pickup requires teams to scavenge various robot parts on the battlefield in a competitive race to see which team can assemble a gigantic mech first. When you pick up and carry a part, you'll act much like the flag carrier in a CTF game--if you're taken down, you'll drop the part and give the enemy a chance to recover it.

Apparently, battlefields where players fight against the monstrous hybrids will allow up to 64 players at once, while competitive battlefields will allow up to 200. Certain battlefields will allow only player-versus-monsters battles, while some may allow monster hunting and competitive play at once. Both quests and multiplayer battles may take place in battlefields with various multiperson vehicles--these vehicles will spawn in and out of the game, similar to the vehicles in the Battlefield series, though opposing teams can hack one another's vehicles to steal them away.

Though the game still has many months to go before launch, it already looks quite impressive thanks to the powerful Unreal 3 technology under its hood. The early prebeta version of the game we saw in action featured expansive outdoor areas for cities with highly detailed character models for players wearing bulky power armor and carrying futuristic guns. The battlefield environments we saw were also quite huge and had varied layouts, such as the quest area we saw that lay just below the ruins of a massive city, split by a river that could be forded only by blasting a ruined train car from above to collapse down into the water to form a bridge. Huxley looks very promising and highly distinctive, and the game should launch sometime later this year for the PC and Xbox 360.

For videos of this game go to the following:

For Huxley's Official Website go to the following:

Monday, April 2, 2007

Fags Spamming On Our Blog

From what I can tell, I guess there is another group of guys with a clan name of 2old2pwn. What's sad is that they are actually upset that we are called the same thing.

Give me a break, it a video game clan!!!

This is seriously next level gay, as they are taking time out of their day to retaliate by posting random comments on our blog. Get a life.

You don't think somewhere else in the world their are any other 2old2pwn's out there. Are you all going to crackdown on them to? They shouldn't be called 2old2pwn because they are acting like a bunch of ten year old girls.

Maybe we should ask them to change their name to: 2old2mwn. Since all they do is piss and moan about their rights to the clan name!

New Gears Content

And it includes a new gametype!!!

"The next title update for Gears of War is currently going through the certification process. We'll have more detail about the update next week but I can tell you that in addition to fixing a whole bunch of glitches, and providing 720p for VGA users running at 1280x1024, it will contain a brand new multiplayer gametype called Annex."

It's free and it can't get here soon enough!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Oh Please, let the Madness Stop - Xbox 360 Brute Edition?

Apparently, just in time for next holiday season, MS is planning to introduce the Xbox 360 Brute Edition. The current/almost-current Elite will fade into the Xbox Premium while MS will introduce the monstrous Brute priced competitively with the top of the line PS3. Get this: It will feature a 1TB flash-based drive and sport both HD-DVD and BluRay playback.

I'm sorry, the 360 is now the iPod of consoles.