Friday, April 20, 2007

Halo 2 Fix for Map Pack Enable Premium Purchases problem

Yes, Houston, we have a problem. It's acknowledged by Microsoft and Bungie and there isn't yet a solid way to fix it. According to XBL tech support the powers that be are working on it but who knows when a fix will come. Apparently the problem affects Xbox 360s where the primary account was recovered from an Xbox. Sometimes, whether a credit card was linked and purchases authorized or not, the Halo 2 software is just not getting the clue.

Below is what an upper echelon techie and I figure out late last night to get the 'Premium Puchases' enable:

1. Log out of Xbox Live.

2. Create a new Silver account. You'll have to go through the entire process of logging into XBL and setting up a new Windows Live account using a different email address than your primary. When selecting your membership, choose Silver. If you hadn't used them up already, XBL will offer you up one of your four One Month Gold trial memberships. Take it. Once you've gone through the entire process. Log in with your 'dummy' account.

3. Go to the Marketplace. Go to Account Management: Memberships: Free Trial (abbreviated): Change Payment Options: Add Credit Card. Input the data for you good ole' debt builder and subsequent back out. By inputing the credit card your 'dummy' with the free trial can now make purchases.

4. As the 'dummy' enter Halo 2 and sign into XBL, make sure you sign in with the Dummy and not your regular account. (I accidently 'crossed the streams' by selecting my normal gamertag during the process and weird things happened.)

5. Go to the Content Download and with your dummy you should now no longer be plagued by the 'premium content' bug. Now you just have to deal with the crappy servers and all the other problems that are apparently plagueing the Blastacular map pack.

There are some other fixes out there floating around that focus on 360s with restricted child XBL accounts. This fix will not work for them and their fix will not work for us. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Didn't know really where to put this, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of this little contraption.
Anyway, hope everyone gets their map pack.


Shade said...

I was able to download the mappack, but that's cause I had to use my old Xbox since my 360 is currently caput. I hope I'm able to redownload it once my 360 gets fixed. I should be sending it off later today for repair.

Anonymous said...

Are you dudes from 2 old 2 play website? Dude! I think i gamed with you people just yesterday. you guys rock. can i join your band of merry men?

Army Strong said...

Probably a different group from a different site, but if you're old and half-cool, look us up.