Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good FPS That Should Be On Arcade

There's several games I'd love to see on Live Arcade. I've done it before in email, now here it is reborn!

  1. Blood - loved the flare gun, the alternate fire sent out a starburst formation which REALLY lit up your opponent
  2. Duke Nukem - loved the laser-tripwire bombs, Nova remembers those too!
  3. Heretic - favorite maneuver, morph ovum turning enemy into chicken, then using the crossblow to blow them into poultry heaven w/feathers everywhere
  4. Hexen - Discs of Repulsion worked great, when the enemy was on the cliff edge
  5. Shadow Warrior - "Look, you have a new friend!" says Lo Wang when you stick your opponent with a sticky grenade.

Any other favs out there???

Adding New Members?

So how do we get "ox Supernova xo" in as a member of the blog?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Justin Timberlake has skillz!!!

Apparently while the last ten year went by with SNL pulling a major suck-bomb, we all slept through what is largely being hailed as the best episode in 10-15 years starring, of course, Justin Timberlake. If you don't laugh at this you are fagadocious. Click here for the Click here for the Justin Timberlake "Treat in a Box" video.

Friday, December 22, 2006

ATTENTION - Microsoft Ups Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year!!!

This covers everyone who purchased a 360 in the last year. Additionally, if you paid to have your 360 fixed, you will be getting a check. Merry Xmas!!!

Hell is Frozen, Burger King triumvirate bests Gears of War

I actually bought the minibike game and will probably pick up Big Bumpin. Although I haven't played it (it's a stocking stuffer for my kids), I have heard nothing but good things regarding the gameplay, especially the multiplayer action. For $3.99 it really is too easy to pick up such a kid-friendly game.

But outselling Gears of War??? Wow. Just wow.

Call of Duty 3 Update

Im not sure if it was just my crappy internet connection, but I could never get into a online game of COD3. Hopefully the new update has solved the issue. Was anyone else expiriencing any problems simmular to this?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The PS3 loses another major title

Now, I honestly haven't played any Virtua Fighter titles since my Sega Saturn was sold down the river way back in the mid-90's, but I do remember that I really liked the titles. Granted, they involved a complex rote memorization of an infinite numbers of combos, but it was really cool to knock the crap out of someone in pixeled 3-D. It was that step from the old 16 bit platforms (Genesis) to the 32 bit Saturns and Playstations that really kicked ass. Now that was next generation gaming. The step from Donkey Kong to Virtua Fighter was huge.

I do know that this game is still a very well regarded franchise and will probably make more news for it's departure (from Sony! Down with PS3!) than it's release (Virtua Fighter? What's that?).

Communicating Through Our Blog

Instead of emailing each other lets start chatting through the blog. This will help increase our Google PageRank faster, which will usually help us achieve higher rankings in the search engines to generate more traffic.

FYI: It also will help us tremendously to post comments on other blogs and add our URL/link along with your GamerTag. When you post a comment there will be empty fields for you to add:

  • Your name
  • Website/Blog URL
  • Place your comment

Tip: Most Bloggers are driven by their own ego and would love for you to post a positive comment that talks about what they have written. However, do feel free respectfully disagree by bringing valid points and they will respect you for it.

If we all implement these simple off-site optimization techniques we will start seeing an increase in our traffic immediately.

I have signed up for Google's free traffic tracking software called Google Analytics to monitor our progress. Email me for the Login info.

Total Pownage - Southpark Warcraft Video

I don't watch SouthPark that much but I thought this episode was hilarious! Here is Part 1 of the "World of Warcraft" video just in case you missed it...enjoy!

We Need to Create a Clan Name ASAP

We need to come up with a new clan name so that I can start submitting articles with our correct URL attached. Ken came up with "Bullet Wisdom".

First of all, we have to figure out where we want to go with this. Do we want to be funny or serious? What feelings to we want to evoke?

Here are a few suggestions to start the brainstorming:

  • Frag Effect or FragFx
  • Men-At-Arms
  • Hired Guns
  • Evolved Assassins
  • Guerrillas of War
  • Dogface Killers
  • Armed Aggression

Let me know what you think. Post your suggestions in the comment link/field below.

Gears of War (glitch)

Check out this glitch to Gears of War......

Halo 3 Helmet

My recent discovery that Halo 3 Legendary edition comes with a collector's edition Masterchief helmet has led me to ask 2 questions:

1) Is it life Size?

2) Is the visor see through so that I can wear it while I play.

Seriously this is next level nerd.


Not Pionting any fingers, Byrdman2020 already reserved 3.

The Donald Goes Off

In a unrelated video game topic, I thought the Donald going off on Rosie was hilarious. Im not a big fan of the Donald, but I cant stand Rosie. He said what everyone else in America wanted to.

Some Halo 3 news

Excerp from

We can record our play and let other friends watch your killer moves:

We've also been given the ability to record gameplay footage! Campaign, Matchmaking, Customs... Record away! If your playing like a God, you can be sure to record it for bragging rights to your friends. You can share the video by starting up a party, getting your friends in and then playing the stored footage. It will appear on everyone's screen, and the host can control the video with Pause, Play, Stop, Fastforward, Rewind, ect. It wont be just your view either! Individually, people watching it can watch First Person, Third Person or from a Fly-It-Yourself Birds Eye View. There are many new custom game features as well.
Customization is on a new level this time around. No longer does gamerules have to affect a general area. Now you can set abilities individually for each player or team! It can even be specific to whos winning or losing. Certain things such as lower gravity, preventing certain people from picking up certain weapons, and even setting people on fire!! Exciting no?Live has gotten some nice enhancements too. We can now vote. This probably includes booting players, but for now we told that we can use it to overrule the host! For example, the host is being an pain, or setting a game no one wants to play. Maybe the host has left and told no one? Vote against him and usurp his throne! We can advertise our custom games to the public now! Think of this as an optimatch. Let your custom game be known, people join, its like custom matchmaking! Ranks: Now we'll have actual "military" ranks in Halo 3. These will be seperate from matchmaking ranks and will include overall stats, ranked, unranked, and even customs. A nice bit of information is that three levels have been confirmed: Snowbound, a new map in Halo 3, will tote sentry guns along it's borders to fire upon any players trying to leave the arena and transparent doors that serve as recovery bays for the cat-and-mouse type players.
Valhalla is very similar to Blood Gultch, perfect for large team matches. Each base in Valhalla includes two Man Cannons, one for Spartans and the other for vehicles.
High Ground is Bungie's next Zanzibar with a central base that serves as the point of action. The only magic here seems to be destructible bay doors and an underground sewer pipe system.
Sounds interesting! Finally, Bungie is adding some Female voice talent to our lovely spartans. Players (preferably those who are actually female), will be able to hit an option to use a "Female Spartan." This spartan will look and act the exact same. The only difference is in multiplayer it'll have girly screams. :) This however is not a sure thing yet. Bungie gave us our first official Halo 3 screenshot! Yay!. That is a sexy screen! Its an actual shot from Campaign, but cleverly reveals nothing about the level or story.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Want to Play Halo 3 Multiplayer in Spring '07?

This may be old news to some but if you haven't already heard Bungie will be releasing a Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta program in Spring '07. Army and I have already joined. Click on the link to join and for more details.

Halo 2 - "Blue Screen Standbying Bitch!"

That's what this kid says when he flips out while playing Halo 2 after getting the infamous "Blue Screen"...this video is hilarious! I think we all can relate to this video one time or another

New Halo 3 Video Dubbed "ViDoc"

Did everyone get a chance to see the new halo 3 video dubbed "ViDoc". And "no" it isn't the same as the one that aired on Monday night football. Check it out it's pretty interesting. It shows how they revamped the "Brutes" to make them more hard-core and realistic in halo's next installment.

What does everyone think of our new gaming blog?

Ok. We've got our new blog that allows everyone to participate and share their ideas, experiences, designated game days..err nights, etc...

If anyone needs help posting: content, hyperlinks, video, rss feeds, etc...please feel free to email me at anytime and I will walk you through it. It requires little to no experience.

I agree with Raider's email earlier, we need to come up with a non douche’ bag name; we can change 2Old2Game at anytime. If you have any ideas or suggestions please post your comments by clicking on the "Comments" link at the bottome of each article.

It would be great if we could all start communicating through the blog V.S. regular email; the more we write on the blog, the more pages we will get indexed in search engines, which means more traffic that will translate in more Google Adsense earnings. And don't worry - the adsense earnings will either be divided up once we reach a certain level or we can wager our earnings in a "Clan Only" tournament.

FYI: When posting comments on our blog remember to only use your Xbox Live Gamer Tag.