Thursday, December 21, 2006

The PS3 loses another major title

Now, I honestly haven't played any Virtua Fighter titles since my Sega Saturn was sold down the river way back in the mid-90's, but I do remember that I really liked the titles. Granted, they involved a complex rote memorization of an infinite numbers of combos, but it was really cool to knock the crap out of someone in pixeled 3-D. It was that step from the old 16 bit platforms (Genesis) to the 32 bit Saturns and Playstations that really kicked ass. Now that was next generation gaming. The step from Donkey Kong to Virtua Fighter was huge.

I do know that this game is still a very well regarded franchise and will probably make more news for it's departure (from Sony! Down with PS3!) than it's release (Virtua Fighter? What's that?).