Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Team Fortress 2

I used to love playing Team Fortress Classic. The Control Point matches were hillarious, with engineers' sentry guns just mowing down tons of people at the choke points, along with all kinds of grenades killing everything in the tunnels (the game had extra ammo you could pick up, sometimes giving you more nades).
This definitely needs to be on our group's to-buy list when it comes out, bundled with Half-Life 2: Episodes. There used to be a guy on the server I played on called Dr. Death. Of course, he usually played a medic, and went around infecting the other team....
One of the funniest moments was playing a capture the flag game, and waiting in our base for the other team to come capture it. We wondered what was taking them so long...until an entire team of heavy weapons guys showed up, with their gatling guns mowing down everything....

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Accessory we've been waiting for?

4 USB ports, Component Video, standar A/V, VGA, S-Video, Fiber Optic and what appears to be an A/V plug-powered cooling system for about 35 bucks??? Oh, hell yeah. For you A/V geeks, this means you'll be able to plug up some of your pre-existing audio/videophile-grade expensive cable you have laying around. No more need to compromise the integrity of your system. Need a long VGA run to go one way and the fiber optic cable the other? No problem! Run the cable any which way to your heart's content without having to mess around with male/femal connection. You'll probably see this on the back of my box sooner rather than later.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wikipedia, Gears of War

I did some searching the other day to figure out what the new Gears update was about. Turns out there's a Wikipedia page out there for Gears! Anyway, on the References links at the bottom of the page, it had a link to a forum post from an Epic guy. The Epic rep pretty much confirmed it wasn't an update that would affect us, it was more of a compatibility upgrade for others.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Halo 3 Beta Announcement

I got this notice from Xbox today:

Greetings Halo® Nation and thanks for your interest in participating in the Halo 3 multiplayer public beta.

Phase one registration is now closed. If you have been selected to participate, you will receive an email notification within the next two days.

For those of you that didn't make it in - fret not as this phase one was just the first of three ways to secure entry into the Halo 3 multiplayer public beta. The next two paths of entry are:

Qualifying over Xbox Live® via the "Rule of Three" program in early February
Purchasing marked packages of the upcoming game CrackdownTM, which hits store shelves in North America on Feb. 20
To find out more about these opportunities visit for detailed information.

We hope this provides additional clarity on this phase of entry into the Halo 3 multiplayer public beta. See you online!

Has anyone had confirmation of acceptance into the Beta test Yet?

Also since we changed the name of our blog it seems like we have lost a few people, can yall send out some emails and make sure everybody knows the new URL.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Favorite Kills on Gears

Have a favorite kill on Gears? Here's one of my favs, on the train map: I picked up the Hammer, and we were looking for the last guy on the other team. I thought, why not, and lit up the staircase in the center of the map with the Hammer. Funny enough, the guy had been hiding in the staircase and got vaporized!

Here's another fav I saw. Friendly fire was enabled. On the Clocktower map: 2 guys on the other team, 1 guy left on our team. They were all upstairs by the sniper rifle. Their sniper was hiding behind a pillar on one end, their 2nd guy was by the sniper spawn pillar. Our guy was behind the last pillar. So they're all ducking in and out of the pillars taking pot shots at each other, when what happens.... Our guy peeks out, the sniper guys peeks out and zeroes him, then the sniper's buddy peeks out...just in time to take the headshot and even the odds!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gears of War Secrets and Achievments

Just incase you haven't picked up all the Cog tags throughout the game, here is a list of their locations as well as some of the achievment pionts you recieve in the ranked matches. Also I heard if you beat the game on insane, you get some sort of secret player pic, can anyone confirm?

The following achievements are unlockable in Gears of War on the Xbox 360.

Prison Breakout - 10 points.
Completed tutorial level on any skill level

Completed Act 1 on Casual - 10 points.
Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Casual- 10 points.
Complete Act 2 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Casual - 10 points.
Complete Act 3 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Casual - 10 points.
Complete Act 4 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Casual - 10 points.
Complete Act 5 on Casual Difficulty

Mercenary - 10 points.
Complete all acts on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Hardcore - 20 points.
Complete Act 1 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Hardcore - 20 points.
Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Hardcore - 20 points.
Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Hardcore - 20 points.
Complete Act 4 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Hardcore - 20 points.
Complete Act 5 on Hardcore Difficulty

Soldier - 20 points.
Complete all acts on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Insane - 30 points.
Complete Act 1 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Insane - 30 points.
Complete Act 2 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Insane - 30 points.
Complete Act 3 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Insane - 30 points.
Complete Act 4 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Insane - 30 points.
Complete Act 5 on Insane Difficulty

Commando - 30 points.
Complete all acts on Insane Difficulty

Time to Remember- 10 points.
Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

Honor-Bound- 20 points.
Recover two-thirds of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

For the Fallen - 30 points.
Recover all of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

My Love for You Is Like a Truck - 30 points.
Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty

Broken Fingers - 30 points.
Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

A Dish Best Served Cold - 30 points.
Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore Difficulty

Zen and the Art of Reloading - 10 points.
Perform 25 perfect active reloads (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art Part 2 - 20 points.
Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row (on any difficulty)

Clusterluck - 20 points.
Kill 3 enemies at once 10 different times (on any difficulty)

A Series of Tubes - 20 points.
Host and complete 50 ranked matches

Dom-curious - 10 points.
Complete 1 co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

Domination - 20 points.
Complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

I Can't Quit You Dom - 30 points.
Complete all acts in co-op as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

Don't You Die On Me - 10 points.
Revive 100 teammates in ranked matches

Fall Down Go Boom - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Boomshot

Pistolero - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol

The Nuge - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Torque Bow

I Spy with My Little Eye - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Longshot

Don't Hurt 'Em - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Hammer of Dawn

It's a Massacre - 10 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Chainsaw

Curb Appeal - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the curb stomp

Capital Punishment- 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with an execution

Is It a Spider - 30 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with grenade tag

The Money Shot - 20 points.
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a headshot

Always Remember Your First - 10 points.
Finish playing a versus ranked match

Don't Hate the Player - 10 points.
Finish with the highest points in a ranked match

Mix It Up - 20 points.
Win a ranked match in every versus game type

Around the World - 30 points.
Win a ranked match on every versus map

Can't Touch Me - 20 points.
Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round

Seriously ... - 50 points.
Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total

Jacinto Maximum Security Prison

COG Tag 1
When you begin the game you choose a path, left or right (combat or training). Regardless of the path chosen, you'll see a Gears logo straight ahead, just under it is the first COG tag. Look towards the rear of the courtyard across from the cell area if you have trouble finding this right away.

COG Tag 2
This tag is located in the first room where the door is cut open by the enemy locusts. It is in the rear of the room, under the stairway that you came down if you took the training route. You'll see a Gears logo on the wall, the COG Tag is on the floor a bit to the left of the logo.

COG Tag 3
This particular tag's presence is not highlighted particularly well by a Gears logo, but it is still easy to find. As soon as you enter into the courtyard area you'll see some stairs to your left, go up them and turn left at the top and you should see the COG tags. The gears logo is in the southwest corner of the yard, so it's still there, just not exactly where the tags are. if you got sucked into the battle, be sure to grab the tags before heading to the chopper.

Trial By Fire

COG Tag 4
You don't really need help finding this COG Tag, as one of your comrades will point it out to you. In case you didn't hear him, it is in the first small courtyard of the level, near a short wall in the yards center and to the right of the Gears logo.

COG Tag 5
In this area you'll encounter two emergence holes within a building (just after crossing the bridge). The COG Tags are near the second emergence hole, slightly hidden by some weeds. be sure to grab it before you head towards the streets.

Fish In A Barrel

COG Tag 6
After fighting in the streets against troika gunners, and dealing with four emergence holes, you'll find this COG tag in the far left corner, located near some ammunition on the ground. It's right by the fourth emergence hole.

Knock Knock

COG Tag 7
Before you begin battle in this area take notice to the white van with the Gears logo on it. You'd suspect the COG Tags be right there, but they're a bit off. To the left of the van follow the large hole in the ground, the COG Tag is all the way down in the corner.


COG Tag 8
This COG tag is located in the hallway where Jack is called upon to open the door. You remember, the annoying hallways with a couple dozen Wretches! Anyhow, I suggest waiting until the Wretches have been defeated to collect the tag. The tag is to the far left of the door Jack is opening (if you're watching him open it). It's on the floor just next to a coffin looking figure made from cement.

COG Tag 9
This COG tag is located in the same room where you and the team discover that Rojas has been killed. As soon as you enter the room (by descending the stairs) the tag is hidden partially behind a pillar and in much of the shadows. While you're listening to the cut-scene head towards that pillar and grab the COG Tag.

China Shop

COG Tag 10
After you witness the brutal slaying of a fellow comrade by a hungry, and somewhat annoyed Berserker, you can go grab his COG Tag. Just head to where he was killed, the COG tag is on the ground of the dead end area near some flames.

COG Tag 11
As you are trying to lure the Berserker outside, the Berserker will smash open three doors for you. As the third door is opened, you'll notice before you exit the enclosed area that to the left of that door, in an alcove is another set of COG Tags.

COG Tag 12
Once you have lured the Berserker outside, look for the Gears logo on the wall. If you head left right after you exit the building and go along the curved section of the wall you will find the COG Tag on the ground by the main wall, just after the Gears logo.

Tick Tick Boom

COG Tag 13
This is in the area right after you have regrouped. You'll enter a small room with two sets of stairways and a couch. Open fire on the couch to destroy it and reveal the COG Tag hidden beneath it.


COG Tag 14
Once you exit the room with the square shaped catwalk, descend the stairs and go to the back of the alley the stairs are in. The COG tags are located at the end of the alley behind some rocks.

COG Tag 15
As you near the Stranded Settlement, just up the stairs where the Boomer was, you'll see this set of COG Tags near a couple of newspaper vending machines.

This is to the left of the settlement gate.
Lethal Dusk

COG Tag 16
As you make your way to checkpoint 2 the road curves off to the right. Before heading in that direction look to the left for a propane tank and a shed. Shoot the propane tank and with this new lighting you'll be able to enter the shed, where you'll find COG Tag 16.

COG Tag 17
This COG Tag is located in the area where you guide Dom with the spotlight. As you enter the area, the Gears logo is on the wall behind and to your right, but the COG Tag is to the left, in a darkened area near some rubble. To get this one, guide Dom down the street with the spotlight, then move the spotlight into position to illuminate that far left area were the tag is at. When you exit the building, grab the tag before you meet back up with Dom.

Dark Labyrinth

COG Tag 18
This COG Tag is located in the area where you shoot the propane tank out in the abandoned car and run down the road using the car as a torch. As soon as you enter the area (where you'll see the car in front of you) look on the ground to your right to locate the tag. You may need the extra light from the propane tank in the car to get to it safely. So, shoot the propane tank, quickly pick up the tag and run down the street with the flaming car.


COG Tag 19
This is in the rainy area outside. There are two buildings, one with a generator in it and another with an elevator inside. You'll come up on the one with the elevator first, they're on the right. Behind that building, towards the sea, is a long plank, follow the plank to the end to discover the COG Tag.


COG Tag 20
This COG Tag is located in the room that has the rotting wooden floor boards that you will fall through. It's in the far right corner of the room. If you fall through before you find it, just head to the ladder in the corner and repeat until you get the COG Tag.

COG Tag 21
This COG Tag is located in the cart control room. Head down the stairs, near the cars, and turn around. The COG Tags are to the left of the stairs you just came down.

Darkest Before Dawn

COG Tag 22
After you ride the drilling platforms down, stick to the right. You'll see a Gears logo, near is a grenade pickup and some COG tags.

COG Tag 23
On the path along the right side you'd see a building with a Gears logo. After some battle, you can head near the logo and pick up the COG tags to the right of the stairs and platform.

COG Tag 24
Shortly after getting COG Tag 23, you will choose a path, battle, and then reunite. You'll then fight your way through a narrow area. This area has allot of cover, before you leave the area look to the right, on the narrow ledge overlooking the pool of liquid you'll find this set of COG Tags. Grab them before heading to eliminate the Corpser.

Campus Grinder

COG Tag 25
As soon as you enter the Campus Grinder area look to your right. You'll find this set of COG Tags near the second staircase on your right side.

Bad To Worst

COG Tag 26
You'll see a rusted car in this area. The COG Tags are behind that car on the sidewalk.

Imaginary Place

COG Tag 27
When you are in the Fenix Estate enter the room that is oval shaped on the one side. In this room you'll find a desk, destroy it to reveal the COG tags. In fact, destroy other things while in this building, sometimes it leads to ammo or grenades.

Train Wreck

COG Tag 28
This COG tag is located on the fifth passenger car, as soon as you enter, to the left. This is just after Jack rips open the door.

COG Tag 29
Before you climb the ladder to exit to the third passenger car's roof, you'll see the COG Tags on the ground, be sure to pick them up.

Troika Central

COG Tag 30
This COG Tag is located on the fifth passenger car, in the cabin area. Once you release the cylinders, go forward and enter the interior to grab the tags and some ammo.

You have all the COG Tags in Gears of Warand you have unlocked the following achievements:

Time to Remember - 10 points.
Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty)
Honor-Bound - 20 points.
Recover two-thirds of the COG tags (on any difficulty)
For the Fallen - 30 points.
Recover all of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

From Jason Rybka

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Official Our New Clan Name is...2OLD 2PWN

Accordind to our poll it looks like Old and Owned & UberOwnage came in last with no votes. All Purpose Grunts (30% of votes) and Original Gamers (40%) were neck-n-neck but 2OLD2Pwn beat everyone with a whopping 70% of votes!

I just want to thank everyone for participating and I also want to thank Raider X for creating the name in one of our older pots.

Finally we have a new clan name so that we can start marketing our blog within the search engines. If we get everyone to keep posting at a consistent rate my guess is we will start making some money off our Adsense Ads within 6 takes time to be indexed by all the search engines and to gain respect by other bloggers that will hopefully back link to us.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wii Beats PlayStation 3 in Sales, but Xbox 360 Beats Them Both

I'd seen this snippet pop up on blogs and techsites over the last 24 hours, but when Fox News ran the story in the Business section it kind of opened my eyes. That means it is having a significant impact on Wall Street. Despite the rush of sales of the Wii and the introduction of the much ballyhooed PS3, the 360 still outsold BOTH.

Anyone want to predict right now that the PS3 will not catch up? Ever?

Click here for PS VS WII

Vote For Clan/Blog Name

The time has come to cast your ballot for your favorite blog/clan name. We Tried to take at least one suggestion from everyone that put their 2 cents in. The vote will expire Monday morning, thereafter we will have our name and can begin the optimization. In the case of a tie between 2 names, we will have a sudden death run off.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gilbert Arenas Loves Halo

Not only is Gilbert tearing it up this year on the court with his 30.2 ppg average, he also sponsors a professional Halo team. Heres the article from

NBA star Gilbert Arenas is one of the biggest gamers in the league. Not only does he play Xbox 360™ games all year long, he's invested his own money to sponsor the top professional Halo® team in the world, Final Boss.

Gilbert Arenas sports a custom adidas 5IVE uniform in NBA Live 07.

Arenas is also in Electronic Arts' new NBA Live 07, not only in his standard Wizards uniform, but gamers can get special codes from adidas to unlock a custom All-Star team featuring Arenas, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, and Chauncey Billups, all in special adidas 5IVE uniforms. These players can take on any other five NBA players in an original adidas stadium. On top of that, adidas has partnered with EA to offer 100 unlockable items in the game that will increase a player's abilities on the hardwood.

"I found out this summer how to hook up my Xbox 360 in the hotel and get past security. It took me a while to figure out, but I got it now."
"Man, it is so cool that you can see how technology is changing," said Arenas. "If you go back and play those old games now. Like in my mind Super Mario Bros. is the best game, but if you look at it now it's like, 'Oh my God, that's terrible graphics.' Xbox 360 makes it so real now. In a couple of years it's going to be real people in these videogames. They have the tattoos down. The technology is moving so fast without anyone realizing it."

He's in the Game.
Arenas logs a lot of hours playing videogames, especially on Xbox Live. He said he's getting used to seeing himself in the basketball games.

Players can unlock this exclusive adidas arena in NBA Live 07.

"It was weird when I first came in, especially in college videogames," said Arenas. "In college, the games just had my number 0 and it didn't even have my name. I'd start playing and think, 'Hey, I can dunk better than this.' And you start critiquing it. You get into the league and you're playing these games. The first couple of years you just want to shoot the ball as yourself the whole game. Now, it's like, 'I'm going to be in these games for a long time."

Unlike the NFL pros, who have been known to complain about their Madden in-game ratings, Arenas said pro basketball players don't pay so much attention to that.

"I've never heard of players doing that before," said Arenas. "If I'm an 85 or a 98, no matter what, I'm still going to shoot the ball 100 times. My whole goal when I play the game is I don't care about the wins or losses if I'm playing against my friends. I just like it if you can just stop me from scoring 100 as myself. Then you've won."

Halo Fanatic
Arenas said he spends 98 percent of his time on Xbox Live® playing Halo. He's a self-described Halo fanatic. "First it was just a lot of team play, then I got into sniping," said Arenas. "Now I'm into modding. I want to mod. I've been modded against so many times it's messing up my ranking. As soon as I'm about to get up to a higher ranking, I get modded three times in a row. I'm getting my mod box."

EA Sports brings next generation hoops to Xbox 360.

Arenas goes straight to the pros for help in Halo. He sponsors Final Boss, the top pro Halo team in the world. He thinks professional videogame tournaments are great for the gaming industry.

"Athletes are all into their own things, and since I'm a gamer, that's what I want to get into," said Arenas. "I want to see if I'm that guy that can turn the professional gaming leagues into the X-Games or something."

Arenas also said pro gamers have an eye for the virtual competition. "You don't realize that you have to be talented to play video games, but you do," said Arenas. "You have to have great hand-eye coordination. One of my players, Saiyan (Ryan Danford) played soccer in high school, so he's athletic as well."

Games Do the Body Good
Arenas is one of the rare athletes that admits that playing video games has helped him in his career. "It's hard for somebody to say that, but yes, video games helped me in real sports," said Arenas. "You need to have hand-eye coordination for anything athletic, so if you play video games, and you're good at it, you're going to be good with hand-eye coordination stuff."

Arenas doesn't believe games like Halo are bad for gamers. "It's entertainment," said Arenas. "You play in groups and it's cool how kids are communicating now. They're using video games so they don't have to pay for cell phone bills anymore. I have a lot of friends who don't have cell phones and they say they'll meet me online at 7 p.m. on Xbox Live and that's my chitchat hours."

Article by John Gaudiosi

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Zephyr debunked, or is it???

Apparently at CES yesterday, this was both officially 'no commented' and unofficially 'debunked.' So take that for what it's worth. Google "Xbox 360 News" for the latest, but the short of it is that Big Daddy Bill unveiled a plan to integrate IPTV (internet Protocol Television) into your home via your Xbox 360. In otherwords, your 360 will act as an IPTV tuner and DVR.

Of course this begs to question that if HD content is involved (and according to Bill, it is), then even a 120 GB HDD would be insufficient. So even though they 'debunked' the Zephyr, they have only introduced a larger need for a device of it's type.

Here's a scarier thought, these IPTV 360's would be marketed also through the IPTV provider much like a cable company would a tuner box. Many outlets are quoting MS sources as saying that these IPTV 360's would differ from your consumer 360??:( How would they differ? Zephyr maybe??? Here is what would ass me up, a 360 available from AT&T IPTV service that is superior to mine and unavailable as an upgrade through attachments and downloads.

This is going to be one hell of an interesting year.

Monday, January 8, 2007

2 Other ways you can play Halo 3 Beta

If you haven't already signed up for the Halo 3 Beta program here are your other 2 options:

  1. Rule of Three program - Starting on Feb 1, 2007 12 am Eastern time if you play 3 hours of Halo 2 multiplayer before Feb 3, 2007 at 11:59 pm Eastern time and you are among the first 13,333 to register via Xbox live.
  2. Crackdown - If you buy this specially marked game it will include an invite to Halo 3; this BS marketing scheme was brought to you by Bill Gates himself...philanthropist my ass!

I don't know if Kicknwing signed up yet but this would be perfect for him...someone would actually listen to all his Halo-complaints! Remember you can't bitch if you don't participate!

If you haven't already registered I would do so for good would suck to be left out.

I expect the Halo arena to grow this summer due to Vista

In a recent article titled Home sweet home for Microsoft the president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division Robbie Bach said "Using an Xbox Live for Windows service that will debut this summer, players can invite their friends to play games, with some playing on the Xbox 360 and others on Windows Vista-based PCs."

I think this is a great move for Xbox because it will expand and diversify the Xbox Live and Halo arena. This will be a cool feature for PC gamers like coolbreeze. So technically if you have a Microsoft Vista PC and you purchase Halo 2 Vista you will be able to play with current Xbox Live users. Check out the new smoke effects...a much needed improvement.

I definatly wouldn't upgrade my operating system just to play Halo 2 Vista or any other game for that matter but it is an additional benefit for PC gamers to look forward to if they have already bought a new Windows Vista PC.

Two new maps on the way for Gears of War

And guess what? They're free! The download also includes some promotional stuff and a video from the designer. Scheduled for availability on the 10th. Here's a list of fixes to go along with the maps:

• Fixed aspect ratio distortion when using VGA cable with 4:3 displays at resolutions higher than 640x480
• Fixed voice issue with new players joining Player Match games in progress
• Players can now get the Achievement for "Dish Best Served Cold" when using Troika turret to kill RAAM
• Fixed rare situation where host could loop countdown and never start match
• Fixed rare situation where players could get stuck after chainsawing in multiplayer
• Reduced Grenade Tag melee distance
• Enabled “Strict” NAT check on host to prevent possible connection issues
• Optimized server browser queries to return results more quickly and prevent scroll bars from hiding quality of service icons
• Reduced number of possible revives in Execution to match Warzone
• Removed host name from Ranked match server browser
• Disabled security cameras in Ranked matches
• Ranked matches now require balanced teams (3v3 or 4v4)
• Increased penalty for quitting a Ranked match to -50 points
• Added additional cheat detection code
• Additional housekeeping updates

Refitted Xbox 360 possibly on the way, codenamed Zephyr

Well, the rumors keep popping up and keep getting shot down. Over the weekend, Endgadget announced the specs for the retooled 360. HDMI, 1080p upconversion, onboard HD-DVD, 120 GB Hard Drive, cooler processor, etc, etc.... I do know that there will be a lot of hurt feelings on the matter from individuals that very recently entered the 360 club. Here's a pic of the leaked prototype courtesy of endgadget.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised. With the rollout of the expanded marketplace and the now commonplace four to six gigabyte High Definition downloads, we all knew that the stock 20 gig hard drive was not going to be sufficient without a multitude of hacks and mods. With noise coming from Microsoft in the form of a not-so-top-secret IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). The retooled 360 is placing itself in position to become the media hub of your entertainment center. Included in this are rumors of DVR functionality.

If things go well for MS, we could all find ourselves trading in our beloved first gen 360's a hell of a lot sooner than we ever anticipated.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Adsense is up and We need a new clan name

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I am now just getting over the "Holiday Hangover". We now have our Adsense ads officially up and running so we can start making money off our conversation. The money then will be either divided up or we will select teams in a "winner takes all" tournament.

I would really appreciate it if everyone would put their 2 cents in help come up with a name so that I can start marketing the blog. Once we come up with a new clan name I will have to change the URL of the blog so that I can start promoting it.

Don't be won't be rediculed or stoned to death for suggesting a stupid clan name. We need your input to start an invaluable brain storming session and who know's, we might just want a totally cheezy and uber-pownage name!

Anyhow, please post your suggestions to this blog at your earliest convenience. Here is are some suggestions left by Army, Shade, and I in an older post titled: We need to create a clan name

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Halo Wars

Heres the FAQ's on the new real time strategy called Halo Wars

Q: What is “Halo Wars”?
A: “Halo Wars” is the next big real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires. Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360, “Halo Wars” allows you to take charge of the human UNSC armies and see the Halo universe from a totally new perspective.
Q: Where does “Halo Wars” take place in the Halo timeline?
A: “Halo Wars” takes place before Halo 1 during the UNSC’s first deadly encounters with the Covenant.
Q: Can you reveal anything about “Halo Wars” storyline?
A: Players will lead the crew of the UNSC’s “Spirit of Fire” from initial skirmishes to an all out war against the evil Covenant.
Q: Will I be able to play as the Covenant?
A: Stay tuned.
Q: Why is “Halo” being made into an RTS game?
A: Warthogs are cool. Scorpions are cool. Controlling lots of Warthogs and Scorpions and sending them into battle is really, really cool.

We’ve been big fans of Halo for years at Ensemble Studios, and when we sat down to discuss our next project we thought Halo would be absolutely perfect as an RTS on the Xbox 360.
Q: When will “Halo Wars” be available?
A: Stay tuned.
Q: Will I be able to play Halo Wars on Xbox 360 and PC?
A: Halo Wars is for the Xbox 360 exclusively.
Q: Is the trailer pre-rendered?
A: Yes, and it's based around our world concepts and uses lots of in-game models. The sound and music were done at Ensemble Studios as well. Props to our friends at Blur for bringing it all together and making it really shine.
Q: Other RTS games that have transitioned to console have had issues with controls, how will “Halo Wars” improve on the formula?
A: “Halo Wars” was created for the Xbox 360 from the ground up, which meant we didn't have to make compromises or shoe-horn in artifacts from a Windows PC game. We were able to take all the best aspects of RTS games, make them work perfectly on the Xbox 360, and exclude the rest.
Q: Where can I learn more about other Halo games?
A: Our friends at Bungie, the creators of the Halo Universe, have lots of information about Halo. Check them out here:

Looks pretty sweet.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Halo 3 Footage Leaked

It appears some soldiers in Iraq got a sneak peak at the game and thought of us. Thanks!