Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Official Our New Clan Name is...2OLD 2PWN

Accordind to our poll it looks like Old and Owned & UberOwnage came in last with no votes. All Purpose Grunts (30% of votes) and Original Gamers (40%) were neck-n-neck but 2OLD2Pwn beat everyone with a whopping 70% of votes!

I just want to thank everyone for participating and I also want to thank Raider X for creating the name in one of our older pots.

Finally we have a new clan name so that we can start marketing our blog within the search engines. If we get everyone to keep posting at a consistent rate my guess is we will start making some money off our Adsense Ads within 6 takes time to be indexed by all the search engines and to gain respect by other bloggers that will hopefully back link to us.


Raider X said...

I would like to thank all the little people who got pwned over the past few years for giving me the idea for the clan name 2Old2Pwn. This proves that no matter how old you are and how much pwnage occurs you too can be somebody.....

So when are we changing our gamertags to match???? Hahaha...

Peace out!

Raider X (2Old2Pwn)

Shade said...

Oh my god.... Changing our gamertags? Yeah, with my luck, I'd still end up with xox 2Old2Pwn xox Shade!!!

Hey, technical issue, in the title of the blog page, it says, "will POWN you in Halo" Shouldn't it be PWN? Nerds! Nerds!!!