Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Zephyr debunked, or is it???

Apparently at CES yesterday, this was both officially 'no commented' and unofficially 'debunked.' So take that for what it's worth. Google "Xbox 360 News" for the latest, but the short of it is that Big Daddy Bill unveiled a plan to integrate IPTV (internet Protocol Television) into your home via your Xbox 360. In otherwords, your 360 will act as an IPTV tuner and DVR.

Of course this begs to question that if HD content is involved (and according to Bill, it is), then even a 120 GB HDD would be insufficient. So even though they 'debunked' the Zephyr, they have only introduced a larger need for a device of it's type.

Here's a scarier thought, these IPTV 360's would be marketed also through the IPTV provider much like a cable company would a tuner box. Many outlets are quoting MS sources as saying that these IPTV 360's would differ from your consumer 360??:( How would they differ? Zephyr maybe??? Here is what would ass me up, a 360 available from AT&T IPTV service that is superior to mine and unavailable as an upgrade through attachments and downloads.

This is going to be one hell of an interesting year.

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