Friday, January 19, 2007

Favorite Kills on Gears

Have a favorite kill on Gears? Here's one of my favs, on the train map: I picked up the Hammer, and we were looking for the last guy on the other team. I thought, why not, and lit up the staircase in the center of the map with the Hammer. Funny enough, the guy had been hiding in the staircase and got vaporized!

Here's another fav I saw. Friendly fire was enabled. On the Clocktower map: 2 guys on the other team, 1 guy left on our team. They were all upstairs by the sniper rifle. Their sniper was hiding behind a pillar on one end, their 2nd guy was by the sniper spawn pillar. Our guy was behind the last pillar. So they're all ducking in and out of the pillars taking pot shots at each other, when what happens.... Our guy peeks out, the sniper guys peeks out and zeroes him, then the sniper's buddy peeks out...just in time to take the headshot and even the odds!

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KicKnWinG 2 said...

The most memorable kill I have done was in a ranked warzone match on Gridlock. All 4 went for the sniper rifle, I picked up grenades and flanked. All my other teamates got killed. Soon as I flanked up their staircase chunked both grenades, killing one and making the other 3 duck down twice. I downed all three with pistol bullets and wacking. Then I got to do a good three way mocking of their whole team.

The coolest thing I have seen anyone do is kill the other team one on 4 meleeing only with the hammer. The people he was playing were pretty good, but this guy was in the zone.

Most frustrating scenario is when I have downed the opponent and my teamate tries to shoot through me to steal my kill. Then runs by me, doesnt heal me,and chainsaws the guy I downed. All the while the opponents teamate finishes me off then proceeds to kick my teamates ass. Very frustating.