Monday, January 8, 2007

I expect the Halo arena to grow this summer due to Vista

In a recent article titled Home sweet home for Microsoft the president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division Robbie Bach said "Using an Xbox Live for Windows service that will debut this summer, players can invite their friends to play games, with some playing on the Xbox 360 and others on Windows Vista-based PCs."

I think this is a great move for Xbox because it will expand and diversify the Xbox Live and Halo arena. This will be a cool feature for PC gamers like coolbreeze. So technically if you have a Microsoft Vista PC and you purchase Halo 2 Vista you will be able to play with current Xbox Live users. Check out the new smoke effects...a much needed improvement.

I definatly wouldn't upgrade my operating system just to play Halo 2 Vista or any other game for that matter but it is an additional benefit for PC gamers to look forward to if they have already bought a new Windows Vista PC.

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