Friday, January 12, 2007

Wii Beats PlayStation 3 in Sales, but Xbox 360 Beats Them Both

I'd seen this snippet pop up on blogs and techsites over the last 24 hours, but when Fox News ran the story in the Business section it kind of opened my eyes. That means it is having a significant impact on Wall Street. Despite the rush of sales of the Wii and the introduction of the much ballyhooed PS3, the 360 still outsold BOTH.

Anyone want to predict right now that the PS3 will not catch up? Ever?

Click here for PS VS WII


Supernova said...

It's about time to finally join up.

Shade said...

All I know is that there was a stack of PS3s when I went to Best Buy recently. I don't think the 360 was this available 2 months after launching....

I wouldn't mind picking up a PS3 if it was < 200. Since it's backwards compatible, it'd be a nice way forward, while still being able to keep all my old games. But the way things are going, I'll probably wait years before bothering with it. Besides, Xbox Live has a lock on the online gaming arena for me.