Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Guess How Many Days Until the New Halo Multiplayer Maps Are Released?

Microsoft and Bungie announced on March 30, 2007 they will be releasing two new multiplayer maps for Halo 2...that's right just 14 days to go!

Both maps will be available on April 17th via the game itself and will cost $4 for the pair. The maps are called Tombstone and Desolation...they are remakes of Hang'Em High and Derelict.

Here is a screenshot of the old Hang'Em High.

"Tombstone is a cool 90% remake of Hang ‘Em High"

Here's a picture of what to expect:

Click here for more detailed info on Halo 2 multiplayer maps directly from Bungie News.


Anonymous said...

Yet more maps in which I will be able to tear Johnny Boy a new one. I can't wait. Maybe you guys will finally join me in the "Land That Time Forgot" that is Halo 2. ThrillKillWill.

Booger Dawson said...

Yea I know I have been playing Gears more than Halo 2, but what can I say, Gears is a totally different experience as far as strategy goes.

BYRDMAN2020 said...

I agree with Booger. Gears is definately more laid back then Halo 2 and requires more stategy.

And Halo 2 definately keeps your heart pounding till the very end however I hate how everything revolves around "who has the better weapon". But I like the ranking matrix in Halo 2 allot better.