Wednesday, April 11, 2007

IGN Team Fortress 2 Interview

Here's a few reasons while I'm getting real excited about this game:
1. It's from the Half Life guys.
2. The Xbox 360 version's network code is apparently so far along that PC and Xbox 360s were actually playing together online during a LAN session.
3. All versions of Team Fortress 2 will ship with six maps and feature nine selectable classes.
4. Each map features one game mode, from Capture the Flag on 2Fort to varieties of control point capture on the other five.
5. Simultaneous platfrom releases (PC, 360)
6. As with any Valve product, you're guaranteed stuff will come out. We have people working here on content already that will ship afterwards. (more maps, game types, weapons)
7. 16 players per game.
8. Theme based scenarios.
9. Morphing maps (each time you play the map, something changes)

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