Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One week down and still no Halo 2 Craptacular Map Pack Fix!

Click on the above link to read all the love given to Microsoft vaunted fanboy, Major Nelson. Calls to 1-800-4MY-XBOX have resulted in the same, tired attempts to fix the problem as detailed below in my entry from last week. The result is the same, "the problem is on our end." "When is the fix?" We're working on it." I love how they say their working on it only after they take out money. Word to Microsoft, charge the credit card AFTER the transaction completes, not before.

Now a lot of people on the web are calling for class action lawsuits. To you all I say this: It's only 4 freaking dollars. Get a life or a better job that pays more. Here's how class action works. Bunch of gamers get pissed and higher lawyer. Lawyers gather together more gamers from all over and file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft. Microsoft settles class action lawsuit by giving one free download from the Marketplace while the lawyers pocket $30 million.

Personally, I'd just like a press release telling us the story.

Microsoft: "Guys we know about a third of you can't download the maps, we're working on a solution."

Us: "Cool. You guys pwn. Git-r done"

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