Monday, April 9, 2007

Live Update this May - Details in Video

Found this video on Click the heading.

If you don't want to watch the walk thru of some of the new features in the May 7th live update here are the major items I found interesting:

1. You can link your MSN Messenger with your live gamertag and send recieve text messages with those friends you have that are online with Messenger. They also mentioned a keyboard that will be coming out - USB.

2. You will be able to put your xbox 360 into a low power mode for those times that you are downloading for example an HD movie and wanted to leave the room or turn off your system. Now it just goes into a low power mode and will still download content without having to keep your 360 up and running. Gobbling up precious electricity.

3. I thought this next one was really cool. Whenever you have a new Achievement Unlocked instead of getting the generic pop up, it will now tell you the name of the achievement and also how many points you received. Too cool.

4. They also mentioned that the Halo 3 Beta was likely to launch in May or June!!! Oh I can't wait!!

Hope you found this information useful. Other items were mentioned but they did not really mean a lot to me so I did not include them.

See you tonight on GEARS!

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