Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gamestop Xbox 360 Trade In Values

Shade, you might want to consider this: If you trade your premium in for an Elite, you get $200 credit. That leave you with $279 left to spend on an elite. Between paying $140 on a repair and another $280 on the new box, suddenly, that trade in doesn't look so bad. Check your local Gamestop for details. The question is, can you get your running long enough to trade in? From the Planet Xbox blog:

Gamestop Xbox 360 Trade-in Detailsby Matt Gibbs Following up on our post yesterday in regards to comments made by an apparent EB Games manager on the trade-in values of a Xbox 360 for an Elite, we have more facts and figures, this time from Gamestop.

Xbox360Fanboy have confirmed with several different Gamestop managers that the trade-in values for the two different Xbox 360 versions has increased - you will now get $250 for a Premium and $200 for a Core, with the original Xbox getting you $50. These amounts are the same as what we heard from the mystery EB Games manager yesterday except there you will apparently get $90 for an Xbox.

This leaves the amount you still need to pay after trading in at $229.99 if you give them a Premium, and $279.99 if you hand over a Core. The managers also noted that the trade-in amounts do not have to be spent on the Xbox 360 Elite.


Raider X said...

I called mine and they confirmed a $250 CREDIT for turning in your old 360 PRO with all cables and 1 wireless controller, hard-drive, etc. They said that you purchase the ELITE and take it home with a flyer saying you get $250 credit. You transfer your stuff from the old hard drive to the new and then return with your old 360 to receive the credit. Now the question I forgot to ask is if that credit would go onto my credit card, or cash if I paid for it that way or if in fact I would just get an in-store credit of $250. Because if that is the case I doubt I will be upgrading. But if they do actually give me a credit back to my credit card, then this might be a possibility for me. I will try calling tomorrow to find out which it is. Just thought you guys might like to know what they had to say.

Raider X said...

It is only a store credit. So for someone like me who never gets games from Gamestop this is not necessarily a good deal. Too bad. Looks like I am sticking with my PRO edition.

Shade said...

There's even odds on me trading in a Pro edition for an Elite. I figure I'm going to spend $180 for a new hard drive anyway, why not spend a little more and get a new box? We'll see..., I'll need to get my 360 back first, then I'll see if there are any Elites on hand.

Shade said...

I ended up biting the bullet on this one, and picked up an Elite. Here's what happened.

I went to the store, and they said the $250 was only in store credit. The Elite version did not come with a data transfer cable. Apparently, only the separate 120 gig hard drives come with the cable. Otherwise, if you get an Elite, you have to fill out a form with the serial #s for both your old Core/Pro system, and the new Elite. Then mail in the form and wait for M$ to send you the cable.

Because of that, you can't turn in your Core/Pro system when purchasing the Elite. So no matter how you do it, the $250 at Gamestop won't apply to your Elite purchase. The $250 store credit is a special offer only valid until 5/27. If you do it outside that period, it's $215 store credit. If you want cash instead of credit, it's 20% less, or about $170.

So I went ahead and bought an Elite from Best Buy (I'll get rebates from the Reward Zone points I get for spending the $$ there). I figure when I get the old console back (I got a mail yesterday saying it was already in the mail to me), I'll take that in and cash it in at Gamestop.

Bottom line, I'll get $170 cash for the trade-in. I would have spent $180 for the 120 gig hard drive. So that's $350. Since the Elite is $480, I really payed $130 for: a black console, HDMI capability (I'm not going to use for a while), and a fresh console (please don't die on me), a wireless black controller, and an ethernet cable.

One strange thing, the Elite power supply only has 2 prongs, the power supply on my old Core system had 3 prongs. What's up with that?!?

Shade said...

Oh yeah, I dunno if I just have a really loud first gen console, but this Elite console is pretty quiet. I tested my old hard drive, and everything seems okay for now. I'll wait until I get my old console, and then I can order the data xfer cable. So maybe in 2 weeks I can trade in my old 360.

Army, think Coolbreeze'd be interested in a refurb unit with a Pro set of accessories for $200?

Army Strong said...

Interested? Yes, but he'll find a reason to choke.

Reeceloui said...

I got a good information for Xbox 360 Trade trading.The mystery EB Games manager yesterday excepted apparently get $90 for an Xbox.

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