Thursday, April 26, 2007

Halo 2 Map Pack Problems: Round Three with Xbox Live Customer Support

1-800-4MY-XBOX my tail. Spent another frustrating evening attempting download the vaunted Blastacular Map Pack. Apparently they've developed a Standard Operating Procedure for fixing the problem. Through the unintelligle Indian accent I discerned the caveat: "This still my not solve your problem." Great. Apparently the following procedure, according to tech support, was able to solve the problem:

1. Remove Halo 2 disc from tray.

2. Under setting, go to memory and select the hard drive. From here, clear the HDD cache. (There's a secret code that allows you to access the HDD maintenance and clear the cache)

3. Turn of the 360.

4. Unplug the router.

5. Unplug the modem.

6. Listen to pleasant customer support music for five minutes.

7. Plug all stuff back in.

8. Power on, insert Halo 2 in tray.

9. After the game boots up, log into XBL and attempt to download additional content.

10. Watch yet another attempt to download the map fail, over and over again.

11. Beg for a refund only to get denied in some difficult to understand Indian dialect.

Only after the techie and I went round and round on the topic of a refund did she tell me that it was a server problem and that Microsoft and Bungie were in talks over issuing a fix. "Negotiating" was the actual word she used. Great, they're finger pointing while I'm watching all my friends play Halo 2. Screw it, I'm going back to R6LV, at least their premium content works.

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