Thursday, February 8, 2007

WTF...New Black Xbox 360?

Could this be the Xbox Coolbreeze has been holding out for? This source is not confirmed but you gotta admit the new black color looks sweet. And just like we've talked about before it is rumored to have a 120 gig hard drive, black controllers and HDMI connections and cost around $580.
OK guys I say we all pitch in and buy a strink-wrap machine so we can take back our pale outdated 360's...who's in?


Raider X said...

This looks bitchin! I want one!

Army Strong said...

The rumored price is in Australian dollars. Apparently this is MS' attempt to foil the launching of the PS3 down under. Things are generally more expensive there. Funny thing about this HDMI box, the rumors just won't die nor will MS categorically deny.

CoolBreezz3 said...

I saw a rumor price of over $700 in Australia. $580 would be about right for US $$$ to compete with the PS3. Does it have built in HDDVD? That would be ideal to deliver the knock out punch to PS3 and have the same features at a cheaper price. Does the PS3 come with a hard drive?

Army Strong said...

Yes, either a 20 or 60 GB.

Army Strong said...

As of today, this still hast yet to be debunked. Glimmer of hope?

drew said...
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Count said...

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New Boy X said...

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