Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sony CEO: PlayStation 3 better than Xbox 360 in many ways

In an upcoming EGM article, Jack Tretton, CEO and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America says:

"I think we've got a better machine PlayStation 3, I think we've got a better
business model, and I think we're going to win in the long term."
Personally this sounds to me like a PR release from a company that beginning to realize its been pwned. Let me pull out my checklist:

  1. "I think we've got a better machine..." Check, errrr, maybe, definitely highly debatable.
  2. "...we've got a better business model..." Really? Did you meet your Xmas sales forecast or did you get pwned by a year old box that breaks all the time. Did you know you were selling at a $200 per unit loss? OK dude, whatever.
  3. "...we're going to win in the long term." BWAHAHAHAHA. ROFLMAO. Seriously, you just got publicly tattooed by the Wii. Your box is in stock everywhere and yet everyone is still asking for a Wii. You can't sell a PS3 on eBay that isn't discounted below retail.

Oh, did I mention the source of this article was a PS3 News Site???? Really. No wait, here's the best quote from the interview:

"But while early indicators are not completely irrelevant, you can't completely
ignore them, and I'd be a little concerned if I were them. On the other hand,
what concerns me is if the Xbox 360 is being rejected, are the consumers on
board with [next-generation] technology and is there enough [demand]

He must have missed a few headlines from the Wall Street crowd regarding the 360's holiday sales figures and monstrous revenues generated for Microsoft by Xbox Live. When did the 360 get rejected by consumers? I find in comical that EGM is even running with this article in spite of its tone of desperate OpEd spin.

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