Monday, February 12, 2007

Unbelievable Gears No Scope Video

I was on the Gears forums from and this thread I found very interesting since Shade and BC are pwning us all on a regular basis with the Sniper rifle. I wanted to see how it is done. This guy posted his video montage of all his best no scopes supposedly all off host.... Let me tell you this guy is good. I have a new respect for the sniper now. I might even have to start racing some of you guys to go get it as I usually just go for something else. Oh how I enjoy this game.

I think Army is completely spot on with his concerns about Halo 3 and the beta. It better blow my mind or I will just be killing time playing H3 waiting for Gears 2. And I really can't believe I just said that as I am a huge fanboy of the Halo series.

end transmission


BYRDMAN2020 said...
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BYRDMAN2020 said...

The only thing that sucks about Halo is the modding. Once Halo 3 comes out I know there will be little to no cheating.

Gears has so many bugs that aren't even related to online play.

And don't forget young padawan (See without Halo there would be no Gears.

Army Strong said...

What did I learn from that little montage:

First, the guy never zooms in. He just point the circle on the head and squeezes. The game appears to give him credit for being close.

Second, even when the crosshairs were not on the head, when he pulled the trigger, he 'wiped' the reticle across the target.

Third, he always points where the target is going, never where it is.

Raider X said...

There definitely appears to be a "fudge factor" for the sniper if you are not zoomed in.

And I think the reticle swiping is something I remember seeing people do in Halo 2 as well.

I tried using the Longshot last night and did manage to get a headshot using this method from a long distance. I really did not get that weapon a lot just whenever rooftop came up in the map cycle.

The matches last night were heated!! Which was not conducive to trying out something new...

KicKnWinG 2 said...

I wish I had my box.