Friday, February 16, 2007

Gayest Video Game Trash Talk

I would have to say I have heard some pretty gay trash talk from my years of playing video-games. Most of the dumb sayings I am about to list stem from my days of playing Halo 2. All-be-it these aren't the dumbest cutdowns I have heard, just the most frequently used.

-thats how I roll.
-no scope bitch
-noob or noobie
-of course the one I hate the worst, screaming F**k you at the top of their lungs then threatening to kick my ass. (Which I respond,"OK hardass, you gonna reach through the headset and strangle me?; this doesnt help the situation).

The one thing I love in Halo 2 is when their team barely wins and they talk uber shit, then when you meet the same team agian and win, everyone gets real quite.

Also hate when you beat someone in deathmatch and they challenge you to one on one to save face. I would accept not wanting to back down from a challenge, then when I joined there game they had some random gay weapon settings. Pretty frustrating.


Army Strong said...

Some of my favorites are the ones that are too cheesy to be taken seriously. A few that have been well received:

- "Call me a bong cuz I just got smoked."

- anything quoted from the "Southpark pwns Warcraft" episode. Especially the pronunciation of the word "poned."

- "What the name of that movie starring Sean Connery and Kevin Costner? Oh yeah it's.. UNTOUCHABPWNED!"

- "oh, and that one starring Marc Whalberg about the Eagle? INVINCIBPWN3D!!!"

- Playing GoW and quoting Dom's "S'up Bitches?"

Some other's I've heard/found:

- "I did not know that trailer parks have broadband."

- "Did you rent this game at Blockbuster?"

And the lamest:

"Your so fat when I kill you it says killtacular"

Anonymous said...

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