Monday, February 12, 2007

Why sumitting your articles to Digg & is important

From now on , anytime you post an article on our blog it would be great if you would submit your article to Digg and I have saved everyone a step by adding the links to both sites at the end (bottom) of each article. All you have to do is sign up for a account to each of the websites which is non evasive and takes only a few minutes.

Digg is self explanatory when it comes to submitting articles but if everyone has an account that means we can vote for the article if the article has already been submitted. This feature is cool because if you get allot if Diggs (votes) your article has a chance to go viral and bring some serious traffic to our site. Here is an example of an article I submitted a few days ago:

As for all you need to do to submit your article is write a brief description of the article by simple copying the first sentence or two of your post. Then you need to add tags or keywords so that users can find your article while searching. Please note when you add a keyword:

  • Don't use commas to separate keywords...only use spaces.
  • Don't use spaces within Keyword phrases

Here is an example:

  • Wrong way - halo, halo 3, halo tips
  • Correct Way: halo halo3 halotips
  • Click here for a example

I know it looks kind of weird but that is what they require. By doing this we will get more people visiting our site and acquire more people linking back to us which will help us achieve higher search engine rankings.

According to our Google Analytics (tracking software) account as of Monday Feb 5 - Sunday Feb 11, 2007 we've:

  • 524 Visits
  • 687 Pageviews
  • 37.6% are from Digg
  • 35.31% are from
  • 13.3% are from Google
  • 9.35% are from
  • Rest are from us directly going to our blog

Hope this help. If you have any questions just add your comment to this post.

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