Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to Poster-ize your friends on Halo 3!

Very cool. Here is an example of Shade shooting BC Dad (sorry BC) with the Spartan Laser last night.

My friend Shade has emailed me instructions on how to download pictures to his desktop of actual footage from a Halo 3 game he played last night.

Basically what Shade did was...

- go to the Theater lobby
- look up recent films
- find the film you want to view, highlight it and Save it
- once it's saved, you can view the film
- while viewing it, you can use different controls to follow each player, or float the camera
- at any point you can freeze the movie and take a snapshot; also while moving the camera view, rotating, zooming, etc.

- once I had saved off some screenshots, I went to the File Share option
- from there, click a slot and select the screenshots to upload
- once they're uploaded, you can go to your profile on and view your shared files; I dunno about movies, but for pix it gives you the option to download them.

Click here to view an example of Shade's file share hosted on the Bungie website.


Shade said...

A more detailed breakdown of how-to:

--> Save movie locally
- from the Main screen, click on Theater
- in the Theater Lobby, click on Film
- On the Select Film screen, highlight a film to watch/edit; Recent Films lists all recently played games, the other categories like Multiplayer or Campaign filter the results
- when the film is highlighted, click X to save (instructions are on-screen), this will save the game to your Hard Drive

--> to edit ot take screenshots, I think you have to save the file first
- Load the film for viewing
- Start the Film
- key buttons to use when viewing a film:
- A button, Pause/Play the game
- up/down Directional page, switch Player views
- left Directional page, rewind to previous Chapter marker
- Y button, Detach/Attach camera, this allows you to float the camera
- Left Bumper/Right Bumper, when the camera is floating, this lowers/raises the camera view
- X button, brings up movie controls; I usually hit A to Pause, Y to float the camera, move the camera around, then hit X to bring up the Controls, the Snap Picture option is located on the left side of the controls
- review the Instruction Manual for details on all the specifics on how to manipulate the film viewer and camera

--> to upload a movie/screenshot
- from the Main screen, click on Theater
- in the Theater Lobby, click on Film
- On the Select Film screen, select File Share
- on the File Share screen, select a slot (there are 1-6 slots)
- another screen will open askin What Do You Want To Share, and it can be a Game Variant, Map Variant, Film, Film Clip, or Screenshot
- choose what you and to upload and let 'er go

--> to access the File Share server or view Screenshots
- instead of going through the Theater Lobby, you can also hit the Start button to bring up the Media and Settings tabs/screens
- the Media tab has options for File Share and Screenshots

FUNNYMAN said...

This is great information. I am dreadful at Halo 3, so this might improve my performance. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks.