Monday, September 17, 2007

Halo 3 Ending Leaked

There were recent reports of the Halo 3 street release date being broken and there have been 2 copies that were sold over a week before its actual release which is unheard of.

Well just as you can expect someone recently uploaded a video of the Halo 3 ending...coincidence, I think not!

Anyways I didn't put the link up because I didn't want to be the guy that spoiled the ending for everyone.

I personally am hoping Bungie released an "Alternate Ending" to thwart a-holes like this one.


Bush Mackel said...

Thanks for not posting a link because I'm sure in my anxiousness/excitement, I would clicked it and regretted it immediately. *nod*

Raider X said...

No doubt. I am afraid to get on the web now as I might here how it all ends!

BYRDMAN 20 said...

No problem. I admit I was a little curious at first and I did see a few frames but I didn't want to ruin 3 years worth of anticipation.

I'm pretty sure I can wait one more week :)