Monday, September 10, 2007

Help ME.....

I am checking out this site that claims they will send me an xbox360 for free. I read an article about this site on a forum and they say its legit and they don't sell your info or solicit advertisement.

Basically you sign up to their program; name address and email, and one trial membership (I chose Gamefly for 8 bucks) then refere ten others to do the same, and whalaa free xbox Elite. If some of yall would help me out and sign up to see if this thing is real, I will be the guinea pig.

Please make sure its a level A offer and use only this link to get there, (it has my referral code). The sign up box with my number is at the bottom right hand corner of the page, and will lead you through the process(takes about 5 minutes).Make sure you pick the referral system and not the points system when you sign up.

Please try it out and refer anyone you might think would be interested in any of the offers to it as well. When you sign up please comment on the blog or email me so that I can make sure that it goes through and is legit.

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BYRDMAN 20 said...

I just signed up. Hope it works for you.

Why don't you copy and paste their code on 2old2pwn sidebar so that we can trck your number of referals.