Monday, April 7, 2008

Two for Tactics

Two for Tactics
We explore some tips and strategies for EA Montreal's cooperative shooter, Army of Two.

The Devil May Cry 4 Hardcore
Hardcore offers up another slate of twisted challenges, using the already difficult Devil May Cry 4, as the foundation for a ruthless test of gaming skill.

Play Game Developers on Xbox LIVE
In the Game with Developer sessions, you have the chance to play with (and against) developers from some of the biggest studios in the videogame industry.

Forza Motorsport 2 Play & Win Sweepstakes
Register and race online with Forza 2 and you could win a Wireless Racing Wheel, a copy of the game signes by the developers, or one of more than a thousand other prizes.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Play & Win Sweepstakes
We've got a special sweepstakes to celebrate the release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Register your gamertag and play online for your chance to win an Xbox 360 console or other prizes.

Artist of the Month: Chiodos
Chiodos is known for their high-energy live performances and blending of different music genres. Check out their new music video on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Artist of the Month: Bow Wow and Omarion
The new album Face Off marks a quantum leap in creative and artistic musical expression for Bow Wow and Omarion.

Spend Spring Break with Rock Band
Going to Panama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break? Join Xbox 360® and Rock Band™ for the "Spring Break of a Lifetime" from March 1-22.

Might and Magic Comes to Xbox 360
The Might and Magic series storms Xbox 360 for the first time with class-based gameplay, immersive, visceral combat, and feature-filled multiplayer matches over Xbox LIVE.

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