Monday, April 21, 2008

2Old2Pwn Party in San Antonio

Please fill out this survey and then post your name in the comments section so I know who has voted. Thanks for helping with the decisions for a 2Old2Pwn Party and Send Off!

2Old2Pwn Party in SA

The top vote for location was San Antonio (4 votes). If the 2Old2Pwn Party was in the San Antonio Area would you attend?

If the 2Old2Pwn Party was in late June or early July would you attend?

Could you attend on a weekday or a weekend?

If you live in the San Antonio Area could you host the event at your house? The top voted activity was BBQ at someone's house.

Would you be willing to chip in some bones to help pay for food and beverages for the party?

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Raider X said...

I voted.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Chief voted

KicknWinG 2 said...

Voted. I think it would be cool if everyone brought their box and we did a little LAN action.

Shade said...

I voted. Hey, does anyone else in Dallas want to carpool?
- Chris?
- James?
- Brooks? Are you going???

Raider X said...

I like the idea of taking some boxes and pwning in person!!

ThrillKillWill said...

I voted. I said I would attend but I won't be sure without a date. Some major advanced notice would be great. I will have to get a plane ticket and what-not. Not to mention someone will have to call me sine I will effectively be on temporary blackout in a week or so.

This will probably be the last time you see me for 6 weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

I vetoed it you guys suck