Thursday, April 17, 2008

2Old2Pwn Send Off Party Location Poll

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Are you ready to send Ken (Army Strong) off to Iraq with a proper 2Old2Pwn Party?

First Choice of city to have 2Old2Pwn Send Off Party?

Second Choice City

What month is best for you?

Are you a 2Old2Pwn or AGE Member?

What kind of activity do you want the party to be?

If we make plans are you really willing to show?

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Raider X said...

After you vote please sign off here in the comment section so i know who has voted. I have voted.

Shade said...

I too have voted.

ThrillKillWill said...

I had to leave a "maybe" for attendance. I will be moving to Las Vegas in the middle of May so I am not sure what I can actually commit to in the next few months. I will do my best to be able to join you guys.

Mrs Chief said...

Mrs Chief voted

(July 4th is on Friday so a long weekend...that's why I voted July, but any date is fine with me...I only have a couple of plans this summer).

KicknWinG 2 said...

Voted. Ken who?