Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Smackdown vs RAW: Notes from the Ring

Smackdown vs RAW: Notes from the Ring
Find victory and glory with our tips, tricks, and ring strategy for WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008.

ARMY OF TWO Graphic Novel Released
Sample pages from the Prima graphic novel ARMY OF TWO: Dirty Money are available for download from Xbox.com.

Summer Heats Up on Xbox LIVE Arcade
There have been over 45 million Xbox LIVE Arcade game downloads as of July, and the popularity of the service continues to grow. Over 100 games will launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade by year's end, including dozens of original Intellectual Properties and classic titles updated for this generation.

Best Buy Presents Halo 3 Free Gold Days
Register and play Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE each day from September 25-28 during the free Gold Days from Best Buy and you could win a Pontiac GSX or other prizes.

KUF:COD Playable Demo (Europe)
The Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom demo that was previously released in other regions is now available in Europe.

New Map Pack for John Woo presents Stranglehold
Ten new maps, new character skins and new achievements are available in a downloadable map pack for the game John Woo presents Stranglehold.

Burnout Paradise Prima Guide
Two Prima Guide samples for Burnout Paradise are available for download from Xbox.com.

Play Game Developers on Xbox LIVE
In the Game with Developer sessions, you have the chance to play with (and against) developers from some of the biggest studios in the videogame industry.

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