Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gears of War Action Figures Revealed

Over the long weekend, NECA relesed new teaser images of its first wave of Gears of War action figure lineup. We are sure they didn't expect Action Figure Xpress to leak full pictures of the three action figures... Below are the first official descriptions for "The Cole Train" and the Locust Drone:

Playing as number 83 for the Cougars before the legendary Emergence Day, Cole now demolishes the Locust Horde with his buddies in Delta Squad. The Augustus Cole Action Figure captures "the Cole Train" in all his Locust-crushing glory, including game-accurate accessories and meticulous detail.

The third figure in the highly anticipated first series, the Drone is a soldier in the vast army out to eradicate humanity. These subterranean horrors are ferociously loyal to the death, armed to the teeth, and ready to go head-to-head against Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, and the rest of Delta Squad!

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