Monday, January 14, 2008

PGR 4 LIVE Kudos Weekend

PGR 4 LIVE Kudos Weekend
Spend your weekend racing the streets of Project Gotham Racing 4, with two separate tournaments and a fun Play & Win sweepstakes. Join the fun on Xbox LIVE and showcase your driving style in the LIVE Kudos Weekend sponsored by Michelin.

Demo: Burnout Paradise (Japan)
Content: バーンアウト パラダイス - 体験版
Price: Free
Availability: Japan
Dash Text: [CERO: B] 街、工場、山岳地帯など、バラエティーに富んだ広大なオープンワールドをドライブ!クラッシュ!そしてジャンプ!ルール無視、何でもアリのパラダイスシティーを今すぐ体感だ! マップ内にある信号で止まればレースモードに突入!100種類以上のイベントでスピードとクラッシュの限りを尽くせ!マップ内には隠された裏道も存在。上手く活用して有利にレースを展開だ! もちろんオンライン機能も充実!協力プレイや対戦プレイなど、8人まで同時参加可能なチャレンジモードで楽しもう!2008/1/14まで期間限定でオンラインモードも体験可能! USBカメラも忘れずに

Best Buy Presents Halo 3 Free Gold Days
Register and play Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE each day from September 25-28 during the free Gold Days from Best Buy and you could win a Pontiac GSX or other prizes.

Xbox Originals Play & Win
Register your gamertag, and then download any Xbox Originals game between December 4-5 to enter the sweepstakes. You could win a cool VIP Accessories Kit or other prizes!

Friends of Friends Coming to Xbox LIVE
Microsoft is making it even easier to expand your Friends network on Xbox LIVE®, starting with the Fall Dashboard Update on December 4. You'll be able to check out the friends lists of fellow Xbox LIVE members right from the Dashboard.

Show #263 The one after CES

This week’s show: 
Co-host : e 
e and I discuss CES 2008
I answer the question ‘Hey Major, what’s going on with LIVE’?
Name the Game
Xbox 101
and more...

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Link dump (links to a few of the things I mention in this episode):

U.S. Army Sniper School Play & Win Sweepstakes
We've got special-edition Halo 3 artwork console up for grabs in this Play & Win Sweepstakes. Register your gamertag and play Halo 3 online December 26-31 to enter.

Need for Speed ProStreet Weekend
To celebrate the release of Need for Speed ProStreet, we've got a weekend full of multiplayer action, fun, and competition. Join us for the ProStreet weekend and get ready to burn rubber all weekend long.

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