Monday, January 28, 2008

New Halo 3 Map Pack On The Way

In the next downloadable update their will be at least 4 new maps according to Bungie. Here are the names and descriptions of all 3:

1.) Moonbase Alpha - Is the first map announced and is fairly large from what I hear. This map is best suited for games such as Capture The Flag and Assault. It has also been stated that it has some unique characteristics that make Slayer interesting and Infection terrifying. "It's received some new lighting and different switches to enable and disable access to various parts of the map" says, Bungie. Bungie says this map is pretty tough and will appeal to fans that enjoy Elongation.

2.) Cottonball - This will be the biggest of all 3 maps and will be designed primarly for large objective game types that include CTF, Assault, or even Big Team Snipers; RockinDL will be happy to hear that :) They say this map will bring us back to the old days of the original Halo LAN parties.

3.) Purple Reign - This is a medium sized map built primarily for Slayer game types. I hear it has excellent line of sight and there are bridges that make short work of long open sections and a central hub is sure to be fought over. Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the use of one-way glass; iridescent material can disguise your location while you spy on approaching bad guys.

4.) OK Corral - The third and final map, that is nicknamed OK Corral, is a medium-large asymmetrical map and is already a favorite to play Slayer on. I hear there are numerous sniping spots and this level is really all about mastering the routes from one end to the other by using your radar and knowing the level above or below you.

The release date is still unconfirmed so be sure to check back with us for updates.

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