Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Falcon Motherboard found on Premium Holiday bundles.

In addition to the Halo 3 additions (lot 734 manufactured on or after 8/24/07), people are now finding the new motherboard on recent Premium Holiday Bundles. This should indicate the new 65 nm processor is becoming more and more common. See the link for info.


Anonymous said...

if you guys are interested i have the new 65nm falcon motherboard in my premium xbox 360 lot 0740 if you have lot 0738 or more you DO HAVE the falcon motherboard the lot number is on the side of the xbox 360 (its a sticker) there will be also a team part if this team part says team:FDOU then you have the falcon motherboard the person who sold me the 360 even brought up the fact that it has the new falcon motherboard end of story!!!

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