Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Hour Dullz them Skillz

Sorry Shade but I just can't stop myself!

Image Caption Information starting at the top and working down to bottom:
#1 Damn Pacemaker!
#2 Is it a Third Eye or Cyclops? ( I couldn't decide)
#3 Not fooling me with your fancy Invisibility.
#4 Batter Up!
#5 One Lump or Two?

I will admit this was Shade's first match of the night after coming in from Happy Hour and I on the other hand was alcohol free and was having an "ON FIRE' night till BC DaD pointed that out which promptly stole my MOJO! Hahahahaha!!!!!


Shade said...

In my defense, I had to chug my last drink, cause we migrated to a Thai place for food. So it took me a game to warm up. Rest assured, I'll be warming my n^ts on your face next time around Raider....

Raider X said...


I know you will be gunning for me. Gonna have to get it done soon as I leave for NY on Sunday for a week!

Oh the humanity! and the humiliation!