Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carnage last night on Halo 3

Well last night was some good times as usual. Shade helped Raider X and Mrs. Chief find some more skulls. Only 1 skull left to get to complete the set. IWHBYD here we come. So after we searched and also played some campaign with BCDaD we decided it was time to blow off some steam. Here is where the real fun starts!! After getting a cool still picture for posterity we began the desecration of each other. Above you will notice some nice picks.

Pic #1 is our little photo op.
Pic #2 is Shade and Raider X about to rumble.
Pic #3 is Shade begging for Mercy, which Raider X was not in a forgiving mood.
Pic #4 is Raider X saying a little prayer for the departed.

And lastly Pic #5 is Shade seeking his revenge. Of which he had plenty as usual!

I realize I am opening a flood gate. But I can deal. Hahahaha.

See you guys online soon.


Anonymous said...

OMG...very cool and funny at the same time!

I finally realize the "true" purpose of our show the world our cool uniforms and how we pw3d someone :)

Mario said...

This game rocks guys,I play it every day.