Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marathon Man Achievement

To get the "Marathon Man" achievement you must access all eight terminals scattered throughout the game. These terminals hold information about their forerunners and their battle to survive before ever firing the Halo rings for the first time.

If you access all the terminals you will unlock the "Marathon Man" achievement which will give you 40 gamer points. Here are the locations of all eight terminals:

  1. 3 Terminals on "The Ark" level
  2. 4-6 Terminals on "The Covenant" level
  3. 1 Terminal on the Final level
  4. Terminal #8 on the "Cortana" level

FYI: I did activate all the terminals but I didn't get the achievement. It is because after I read the first message I didn't wait 10 seconds for the other message. From what I have read if you do this for all eight terminals you should get the Marathon Man achievement.

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