Thursday, May 8, 2008

2Old 2Pwn Party in San Antonio

San Antonio

July 5th, 2008

Help send Ken off in style and Pwn in Person!

Start making reservations now Biotches.
The date is set, and the beer is chilling!

Tentative Schedule of Events:
Thursday, July 3rd - River Walk for Dinner if you are in town.
Friday, July 4th - Sea World anyone?
Saturday, July 5th - 10am to 2pm Party at Cary's Place in Spring Branch, TX.
Late Afternoon head to Dave and Buster's for Public Pwnage!

Sound off like you have a pair!!! Write in the comments section if you are coming!

More details to follow, we just wanted to get the word out so everyone can start making plans.

See you there!


BYRDMAN said...

I say we dunk Ken in the pool!

Raider X said...

Raider X (mike), Mrs. Chief (sharon), and our little one (zach)will be there!

Mrs Chief said...

Zach and I will come with you. Love the idea of pwn'n but I can't wait to see Shamu! Been a while since I saw my twin sista-doah!

Raider X said...

Okay revision to the schedule.

Saturday, July 5th
1pm-2pm dunk ken in the pool!

Shade said...

Guess we can start making plans. Anyone know what's a central place to stay at? Should we stay near Cary's? Got an address?

If we're staying at a hotel, it'd be nice if we ended up at the same place. I may bring a friend.

ThrillKillWill said...

Wish I could be there but my scheduling with the new job won't permit me to travel just yet. Best of Luck to you Army. I will see you when you get back. And I won't be playing on a SDTV anymore so you no more laughing at me.

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