Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Greenpeace Finds Hazardous Substances in Consoles

Did you know that your Xbox 360 may interfere with your sexual development? In its new report called “Playing Dirty”, Greenpeace detected the use of hazardous chemicals and materials in all new video game systems. From the report:

The game consoles all contained high levels of bromine - used in circuit boards and plastic casings. Brominated flame retardants do not break down easily and build up in the environment. Long-term exposure can lead to impaired learning and memory functions. They can also interfere with thyroid and oestrogen hormone systems and exposure in the womb has been linked to behavioural problems.

Components of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation3 also contained high levels of phthalates, one of which – DEHP – is known to interfere with sexual development in mammals: including humans and, especially, males.

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