Thursday, February 21, 2008

XNA Games coming to Zune

XNA Games coming to Zune
Chris Satchell just announced that XNA game tools will support game development on Zune in the future.

Play Game Developers on Xbox LIVE
In the Game with Developer sessions, you have the chance to play with (and against) developers from some of the biggest studios in the videogame industry.

Xbox Originals Play & Win
Register your gamertag, and then download any Xbox Originals game between December 4-5 to enter the sweepstakes. You could win a cool VIP Accessories Kit or other prizes!

Rambo Play & Win Sweepstakes
You could score some cool Rambo merchandise in this special sweepstakes. Just register your gameratg and then play a multiplayer match of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men to enter!

Battle Dinosaurs with the Turok Devs
To celebrate the big release, the Turok team from Propaganda Games will be on Xbox LIVE to challenge the community. Don't miss your chance to jump into the fast-paced action with these talented game creators and maybe score some insider tips and tactics!

This Week in Xbox: February 13-20 2008
Games Editor Denny Atkin brings you all the latest in what's going on this week on

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