Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Best Xbox 360 Features We Never Use

Best Xbox 360 Features We Never Use
Ryan Treit highlights a few underused but exceptionally useful Xbox 360 features.

The Synaesthesia of Rez
Rez HD brings the classic, mind-warping musical shooter to Xbox LIVE Arcade with re-mastered high-definition graphics, saved replays, leaderboards, and more.

Disney Channel now on Marketplace

If you are looking for something for the kids to watch this weekend check out all the new Disney Channel content that is now available on the (US) Video Marketplace.


Battle Dinosaurs with the Turok Devs
To celebrate the big release, the Turok team from Propaganda Games will be on Xbox LIVE to challenge the community. Don't miss your chance to jump into the fast-paced action with these talented game creators and maybe score some insider tips and tactics!

Artist of the Month: Chiodos
Chiodos is known for their high-energy live performances and blending of different music genres. Check out their new music video on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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