Friday, August 31, 2007

Has Halo Advertising Gone Too Far?

I was at Super Target yesterday grocery shopping, when I came across this 2 liter bottle. Come on now, has Mountain Dew went too far with the Halo 3 advertisement on the bottle? I wonder if it's the same taste, or a different flavor.... Stay tuned for details!
Inspired by the most anticipated game release of the year, Halo® 3, Mountain Dew has created a limited-time only beverage called Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

It's Dew with an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor and more caffeine for maximum intensity. Game Fuel will give you an edge on the competition because it's cranked up to keep you going. Game Fuel is available in stores nationwide for only 12 weeks, starting August 13. Visit to find out more.

Stop by your local 7-Eleven location to collect three limited-edition 3-D Slurpee cups, featuring Master Chief. These cups will be available in stores for a limited time starting September 1 and until supplies last. Fill these exclusive cups with the invigorating Mountain Dew Game Fuel Slurpee, only available at 7-Eleven.


Author said...

".... Stay tuned for details!"

You bought it? Apparently the advertising is working. H3 is projected to make more money than Spiderman.

Shade said...

Yeah, I bought one. The cherry/citrus combo sounded good. But the flavor was actually disappointing. It tasted like it was missing more sugar or something.

Raider X said...

I tried it and thought it tasted like cherry cough syrup. Not a bad taste but not exactly what I was expecting. I think I will stick to Corona's.....