Monday, March 3, 2008

More pics from the 2Old2Pwn Happy Hour

Good times and lots of beer, or whatever it was you drink with Red Bull! hahaha....

We really had a lot of fun talking about some of our favorite moments online. Sorry Nova but your Chromehounds prowess was discussed.

We also talked about Shade's gamertag. Being good friends and always one to support our buddies, we of course had to remind Shade of the night he unveiled his new gamertag:

xox Shade xox

Picture representation below:

I can't post that one without posting something to embarrass myself so here goes:

Raider X showing everyone why he is always the 25th kill, or in last place.

Who knew he was a pacifist!

Well as you can see whenever 2OLD2PWNers get together you never know what might happen. To those of you who could not make it, you were missed.

Maybe next time......

1 comment:

RIF79 said...

Got to love having to work every weekend. Sorry I could not make it. It is great to put a face with a name for my fellow 2OLD2PWN ers.

Next time I will have to have everyone to mi casa for beers and brats.