Saturday, March 29, 2008

Artist of the Month: Bow Wow and Omarion

Artist of the Month: Bow Wow and Omarion
The new album Face Off marks a quantum leap in creative and artistic musical expression for Bow Wow and Omarion.

Best Xbox 360 Features We Never Use
Ryan Treit highlights a few underused but exceptionally useful Xbox 360 features.

Battle Dinosaurs with the Turok Devs
To celebrate the big release, the Turok team from Propaganda Games will be on Xbox LIVE to challenge the community. Don't miss your chance to jump into the fast-paced action with these talented game creators and maybe score some insider tips and tactics!

Drillbit Taylor and Bully: Scholarship Edition Sweepstakes
Register your gamertag or download the Drillbit Taylor Gamer Picture for your chance to win. We've got more than 200 prizes to give away, including a 50-inch plasma HDTV.

Might and Magic Comes to Xbox 360
The Might and Magic series storms Xbox 360 for the first time with class-based gameplay, immersive, visceral combat, and feature-filled multiplayer matches over Xbox LIVE.

Immortal Tactics
Check out these tips and tricks for turn-based combat and world exploration in Lost Odyssey.

Poker and Puzzles Together at Last
Void Star Creations' remarkable puzzle/poker hybrid is an absolute gaming smash on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Rambo Play & Win Sweepstakes
You could score some cool Rambo merchandise in this special sweepstakes. Just register your gameratg and then play a multiplayer match of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men to enter!

This Week in Xbox: March 19-26, 2008
Games Editor Denny Atkin brings you all the latest in what's going on this week on

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 LIVE Weekend
To celebrate the release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, you can participate in online activities including a three-day Play & Win sweepstakes and the chance to play against the Ubisoft development team.

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