Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Game on the Marketplace

I am always down for some free swag!

I have not downloaded this yet so I can not recommend it or slam it. But just thought I would pass the info along to you all. Now go download.

Aegis Wing is a side-scrolling space combat game reminiscent of classic eighties arcade hits. It features alien-busting action, slick graphics, an orchestral soundtrack, and devastating power-ups.

Also included is a unique cooperative mode of play in which up to three additional players can "attach" to the leader's ship and become independent, 360-degree gun turrets.

Best of all, Aegis Wing is available as a free download from Xbox LIVE® Arcade to all Gold and Silver members!

  • Old-school genre: Get ready for an action-retro 2-D sci-fi side scrolling shooter, similar to Gradius or Defender.
  • Multiplayer gameplay: Up to four players can compete on the same console or on Xbox LIVE. Attach to each other, and super weapon powers grow as more players attach. After attaching, there's one pilot and each rider rotates fire via a 360-degree gun turret.
  • Super weapons: Wield four super weapons, including the Hades Beam (kills everything in its path), the Gordon Burst (EMP pulse that kills all bullets and short circuits enemies), the Arcus Missile (heat-seeking missiles), and Lambda Shield (allows bullets to be deflected and used against the enemies).

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