Monday, March 5, 2007

Crackdown (Crackdown Achievements) & Halo 3 Beta

So I secured my spot in the Halo 3 Beta this weekend.

I bought Crackdown.

So far I have enjoyed the gameplay of Crackdown. Trying to get my character to increase his skills is a lot of fun. I especially enjoy the jumping from building to building, roof top to roof top trying to get more agility orbs! I have a long way to go in this game. Right now my best skills are at 2 Stars with 4 or 5 Stars as the top. The achievements look to be pretty fun as well. It is all about mayhem. Disrupting the criminal elements ability to wage war. Killing with style. Launching bodies into the air and keeping them there, or creating an explosion that starts a chain reaction.

The link is the the achievements for the game. Click on it to see what I mean about the type of kills, and style needed to get them. Should be tons of fun.

I have yet to try multiplayer co-op. That is the only mode of multiplayer available. It might be easier to get some achievements with some help. Does anyone have this game? If so we need to get together and try the co-op out.

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KicKnWinG 2 said...

Both Byrdman and I have it and have enjoyed it. I bought it specifically for the Halo 3 Beta, and figuring if it was that great of a game, they would not have had to bribe me with the beta. But I have been very suprised. I have played some multiplayer online with my bro- and it is fun, but it is hard to stay on task. As you said, it is alot of fun getting the orbs and increasing your player skill.

Well be running along trying to beat a boss and one of us will see an orb and say hold on a sec, let me grab this real fast, then see another, and another......

Probably be on tonight playing GOW if you want to get into some Crackdown, send me a message.